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Lifehacker interview on the future of Quicksilver

Today's Lifehacker interview with Quicksilver developer Nicholas Jitkoff (a.k.a. Alcor) has struck a note of gloom into the holiday spirits around TUAW's home office (currently located in an unoccupied storefront of the West Edmonton Mall). While Nicholas is still planning to do what he can to impr...

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IconGrabber: easy icon extraction

This one is a little bit of inside (blogging) baseball, but I know a lot of our readers blog themselves and so might find this tip handy. Ankur Kothari (whose Quicksilver customizations we've mentioned before) has cooked up an excellent little Quicksilver plugin called IconGrabber that does exactly...

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Quicksilver goes Open Source

Long time readers know that we at TUAW love Quicksilver, the brilliant keyboard launcher application from Blacktree. Now after previously making promises to that effect, the developer (who likes to go by Alcor) has released the source for Quicksilver as a Google Code project. While Quicksilver has a...

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Quicksilver b53 for Leopard

Many folks have noticed over the last few days that TUAW favorite Quicksilver had disappeared from the net. Fortunately, Blacktree's servers are now back up and beta 53 (build 3814) of Quicksilver is available for download (download link). The new version is primarily a bugfix release, but is recomm...

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GTD with Launchbar and scripts

Saul Rosenbaum sent us the tip on this one, and he points out that we're a little "Quicksilver centric" around here at TUAW. He's right, we do love Quicksilver, but it's not the only launcher on the block. Launchbar is another good one (and actually, I've been playing with Sapiens a lot lately, so l...

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Replace the Finder with Quicksilver

Our love of Quicksilver, the sometimes inscrutable application launcher (and much more) runs deep, but Daniel over at waferbaby has us beat. It would seem Daniel isn't a big fan of the Finder and he is crazy for Quicksilver. Clearly, it took the next obvious step and replaced the Finder with Quicksi...

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Found Footage: Quicksilver in real life

When I posted about Mac apps in real life a while back, the number one request I heard in the comments was for Quicksilver. And it wasn't very surprising-- who wouldn't love to implement Quicksilver's genius and simplicity in some way for the real world? And now, Matt McInerney's done it-- he's...

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Found Footage: Quicksilver Google Tech Talk

We here at TUAW are big fans of Quicksilver, the inscrutable OS X utility that you really have to use to understand (and even then some folks still don't get it). The developer of Quicksilver, Nicholas Jitkoff, recently gave a Tech Talk at his employer (some search company or another) in which he e...

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Ask TUAW: Windows Printing, AutoFill, FireWire HDs, MacBook power adapters and more

It's time again for Ask TUAW, our weekly feature where you ask the questions and we make up the answers... er, I mean carefully research and determine the optimal solution. This week we'll be tackling questions about printing from OS X to a printer connected to a Windows box, AutoFill in Safari, pro...

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MoodSwing multi-status utility: Now in convenient menubar dosage

Attention all ye users of Adium, Skype, iChat, Twitter, Facebook and Jaiku - Brett Terpstra has struck again with MoodSwing, his excellent utility for updating your status across all these apps and services. Why do I call it a utility instead of just a Quicksilver action, you ask? Because Brett i...

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MoodSwing Quicksilver action simultaneously updates your iChat, Skype, Twitter and Adium status

If you are a text, audio and video chatter, chances are you have some combination of iChat, Skype, Adium and a Twitter client running throughout the day. It's also possible that you're a Quicksilver junkie, which means you might appreciate Brett Terpstra's new Quicksilver script that will let you up...

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Quicksilver goes open source with Leopard release

It seems like this news has been around for a while, but we'd never heard it, and it's definitely worth taking a look at. Alcor, developer of Quicksilver, the little launcher that does everything, quietly mentions on the Blacktree forums that Quicksilver will go open source and Leopard only with the...

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LaunchBar 4.3 adds Instant Open / Send and more

I'm a devoted Quicksilver man myself, but the venerable LaunchBar seems to have started the whole keyboard launcher trend and retains many committed fans. Just updated to version 4.3, Objective Development has added a number of new features. In particular, Instant Open allows you to execute a comman...

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Faster printing through Quicksilver or a simple drag and drop

At TUAW HQ we absolutely love Quicksilver, the powerful, incredibly extensible and indispensable productivity tool, as it's capable of speeding up just about any conceivable operation on your Mac. Still, with everything Quicksilver is capable of, I honestly never thought it could be used to help ...

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An AppleScript for selecting the iChat menubar item

I understand if this might sound kinda weird, but hear me out: As an iChat user, I love the flexibility of its UI and the clever menubar item that displays all available contacts. Since I've found myself flying without displaying the buddy list more and more often lately, I've been wishing for a way...

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