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Tag: quicktake

Apple's failed attempts at taking over the camera industry are now collector's items

The iPhone remains one of the most popular "cameras" on the planet, and Apple's smartphone has indeed conquered consumer photography, but it wasn't the company's first attempt to do so. In the mid '90s, Apple was going through its "see what sticks" phase. You remember: It was around this time...

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10 things to do while waiting for the MacBook

Sure, you're bummed that the unconfirmed rumors of MacBooks this week didn't materialuze, we all are. Todd Ogasawara has compiled a list of (admittedly dumb) things you can do while waiting for Apple to release the iBook replacement. I don't know about you, but I really want an Apple Quicktake 2006...

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Quicktake 100 Digital Camera

We're all a little Boot Camped out, so let's take a look back into Apple's history to 1994 when Apple was focused on its core product: a digital camera. That's right, if you thought that the iPod was Apple's first foray into the consumer electronic market you are sadly mistaken. The Quicktake 100...

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