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Daily iPhone App: Vintage Radio

Vintage Radio is an interesting idea for an iPhone app: It's a ton of various old-time radio recordings (more than 34,000 mystery, horror, comedy, and other old 1930s and 1940s radio shows), all accessible to stream on demand. The app allows you to browse and search shows, set up and save playlist...

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Slacker Radio tries to break through a flooded streaming music market

One of our final meetings at CES last week was with Slacker Radio's VP of Marketing, Jonathan Sasse, who sat down in a Las Vegas lobby restaurant to tell us what his company has been up to lately. Slacker Radio is one of the many streaming radio offerings that have apps available on the App Sto...

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SpotON Radio app for iPhone out now

Spotify is the über-popular music service that lets you stream a huge library of music to your computer. You can also use the service on your iPhone with a premium subscription, letting you either sync and listen to your own music, or stream Spotify's tracks straight to your mobile device ...

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Daily iPhone App: Nixie Clock

I'm probably a little weird, but sometimes I love listening to police scanners and various chit chat as I'm going to bed. I also like analog devices, so a Nixie Clock Radio seemed like a neat idea: the look of the classic Nixie clock merged with streaming radio and an alarm/sleep timer. It works a...

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Spotify to challenge Pandora with Spotify Radio

Spotify already has proven itself a formidable competitor for Rdio, and the all-you-can-stream music service even matches up against iTunes with a subscription model versus iTunes' track-at-a-time sales approach. Now it's aiming the crosshairs at suggestion engine Pandora with a revamp of its S...

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TUAW's Daily iOS App: Hype Machine Radio

Streaming music is really impressive on the iPhone. For example, I've been using my Pandora app for workouts almost exclusively. I'm also a big fan of Hype Machine, a site that takes the best free MP3s from around the Internet's best music blogs and puts them all together in one place for your ...

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Rdio posts Mobile Playback API for iOS

Rdio, the on-demand social music service from the founders of Skype, has opened up its service to developers and published a mobile playback API for iOS, although the current terms of use prohibit the sale of any apps made using it. Instead, the company will make mobile apps work with its affil...

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Apple confirms LTE iPhone is at least one generation away

During its earnings conference call, Apple re-confirmed it is not adopting the current generation of LTE chipsets in its iPhone handsets. According to Chief Operating Officer Tim Cook, Apple would have to redesign the iPhone to accommodate the first generation LTE chipsets used in smartphones, su...

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Radio reporter uses iPhone 4 for all of his work

There's a very cool story over on the MediaShift pages of the PBS website about how a radio reporter has replaced almost all of his bulky radio equipment and with an iPhone 4. Neal Augenstein started working for WTOP in Washington 14 years ago, when just his mobile phone weighed as much as a ...

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Some Toyota car audio systems not working with iPhone in Australia

Australian newspapers are reporting today that Toyota is contacting more than 200 dealers to let them know that iPhones and iPod touch models running iOS 4.1 are locking up the audio systems of 2009 and 2010 cars. Models having problems include the Yaris, Corolla and Prius. The glitch is somewhere b...

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Zibri spots more Qualcomm evidence in iTunes

The evidence of a shift in Apple's wireless chipset choices for upcoming iDevices is growing stronger. First there was Engadget's strongly sourced report indicating that Qualcomm (the key innovator/inventor in the CDMA space) was going to take over the radio component sourcing for both the iPhone 5...

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Ford's AppLink to support iPhone voice control of apps

My, how far we have come since Ford offered a "standard" iPod jack in its 2008 Ford Escape. Starting this month (and next depending on the model), SYNC-equipped Ford Fiesta owners with iPhone, Android or BlackBerry smartphones will be able to use free software from Ford called AppLink, which gives ...

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Patents aplenty: iPhone radio, fiber optic MagSafe, 3D without glasses

Apple's patent team must be cramming before the end of the year, because this past week we've seen a flood of patent applications come out of Cupertino. First up, Apple has patented a radio system in the iPhone (finally!), allowing you to listen to standard FM and AM broadcasts on the smartphone. T...

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Howard Stern, Apple in rumored $600M iTunes deal

Oh, my. A short tweet from the Twitter account SIRI_STOCK suggests that Howard Stern and Apple are "on the verge" of a huge deal: "Howard Stern on the verge of signing $600 million 3 year agreement with Apple to host an Internet/TV/iTunes broadcast. $SIRI." It's true that Howard's contract with S...

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TUAW First Look: AUDIOPRESS for iPhone

AUDIOPRESS is a new app and free audio digest service available on iPhone that is designed to create a custom "radio stations" for you to listen to on your device. You add AudioArticles, "MyUpdates," Podcasts, and Radio Stations to a playlist, then the information is streamed to you on demand. ...

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