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RWThemeMiner 2.0.5

Did you just upgrade to the latest version of Realmac Software's RapidWeaver? Then you might notice RWThemeMiner, which lets you edit your RW themes, is no longer working. Fret not because RWThemeMiner was just updated to version 2.0.5 which works with RapidWeaver 4. RWThemeMiner is available for ...

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TUAW Review: RapidWeaver 4

Realmac Software has recently released the fourth major version of their RapidWeaver website creation software. RapidWeaver definitely gives a whole new meaning to "drag and drop," as you can create whole websites by dragging and dropping files onto RapidWeaver. As soon as the Realmac website was up...

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RapidWeaver 4 ships

Realmac has released RapidWeaver 4, the latest version of their popular template-based web site design software. As former TUAWer Nik mentioned on our last talkcast, the new version represents a substantial upgrade. In addition to an overhauled interface the release incorporates Leopard-only featur...

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More YourHead plugin goodness for RapidWeaver

I've mentioned before that I'm a fan of the web development application RapidWeaver, but I don't consider it complete until supplemented by a variety of excellent plugins from YourHead software. We've covered their excellent WYSIWYG plugin Blocks before and now they have a couple of new plugins that...

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Give Good Food to Your Mac promo discounts Euro-indie apps

Not quite done with that holiday shopping? A little birdie tipped us to the upcoming "Give Good Food to your Mac" promotion, officially opening tomorrow -- if you're already a customer of one of the participants, you might get a preview link in the mail today. A ragtag band of European developers h...

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RapidWeaver 3.6.4 is available

RapidWeaver by Realmac Sofware is a WYSIWYG web editor that we like. If you're unfamiliar, it's a super-simple editor that features iLife and .Mac integration, flash photo galleries, an SDK and so on. Version 3.6.4 offers Leopard compatibility. Realmac also announced today that Rapidweaver 4.0 is un...

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Rapidweaver 3.6.3 hits the tubes

A quiet morning at TUAW Headquarters (located in scenic Wellsboro, PA, home of the Pennsylvania Grand Canyon); we're all pooped from yesterday's Talk Like a Pirate festivities. Time for a quick update on one of our favorite web authoring apps, RapidWeaver: version 3.6.3 is out, featuring Great...

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Embed .Mac Web Gallery thumbnails in RapidWeaver pages

The new .Mac Web Galleries are great, but they unfortunately can only be built by iPhoto '08 and integrated into iWeb pages. Thanks to this RapidWeaver forum post from Günter, however, RW users have a trick for embedding those slick scrolling .Mac Web Gallery thumbnails into their pages. The tr...

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Retro Mac themes for RapidWeaver

It would seem that today is retro theme day on TUAW, at least for me that is. Jordan saw my last post about the System 6 theme for Wordpress and he let me know about his retro themes for RapidWeaver. You can pick from System 7, System 8 (my first Mac ran 8.6, ahh the memories), or even Be (which is...

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RapidWeaver 3.6.2 released

Realmac Software today released v3.6.2 of RapidWeaver, their popular WYSIWYG tool for creating websites, podcasts, blogs and more. Among the new features of this version are: Aperture Support in the iMedia Browser Dynamic PHP Sidebar option for the blog plugin Sidebar is now a fully feat...

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Realmac releases iPhone Rapidweaver theme

If you use Rapidweaver to maintain your website (we really like Rapidweaver around here), and you want to make sure it will look nice when viewed on an iPhone, check out Realmac Software's new iPhone theme for Rapidweaver. It was specifically designed for Safari and the iPhone's small display. The ...

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RapidWeaver 3.6 released

Realmac Software today has released the much-anticipated new version of RapidWeaver, their powerful WYSIWYG software that does a great job of filling the gap between iWeb and Dreamweaver. This new v3.6 ushers in a significant list of new features, such as: Themes Styles - no more digging i...

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MacZOT offers 30% discount for RapidWeaver

RapidWeaver, arguably the 800 lb. gorilla of the WYSIWYG web design space on the Mac, is being sold for $27.97 on MacZOT - a 30% discount off its retail price of $39.95. The debate around sites like MacZOT aside, I view this simply as a killer sale on a rockin' app. Now I honestly haven't checked in...

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WebYep - RapidWeaver Compatible Content Management System

Owning in part to my enthusiasm for RapidWeaver we've had several posts recently about the excellent website creation software. Now thanks to Don McAllister over at ScreenCastsOnline yet another excellent RapidWeaver plugin has come to my attention. WebYep from Objective Development is a light-weigh...

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Easier Rapidweaver Theme Editing - RWThemeMiner

I've already revealed my fondness for the excellent and easy to use web development software RapidWeaver. One of the things that makes RapidWeaver so powerful is the number of excellent themes available for the software, both those built-in and those by third-parties (some free, some commercial). N...

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