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Ask TUAW: Silencing iPhone notifications, remote control a PC, printing over the internet, and more

Welcome back to Ask TUAW, our weekly troubleshooting Q&A column. This week we've got questions about controlling a PC over the internet, silencing iPhone email notifications at night, replacing a MacBook Pro SuperDrive with a hard drive, printing over the internet, setting iCal as the default ca...

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Microsoft Remote Desktop Connection Client for Snow Leopard

Microsoft's Remote Desktop Connection Client is a free utility which allows you to connect to Windows computers running Windows from computers running Mac OS X (versions 10.4.9 or later). For those of us who help manage Windows computers, it's a handy tool to have around, much like Screen Sharin...

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Microsoft Remote Desktop Connection 2 now available

This is news that is certain to make Mac based Windows Admins (of which I am one) very happy: Microsoft Remote Desktop Connection 2 is finally out of beta. The final release includes all the new features that Microsoft added, some of the highlights include: The ability to open multiple instances...

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Microsoft Remote Desktop Connection Client for Mac 2, Beta 3

Remember a few days ago we reported that the Microsoft Remote Desktop Connection Client beta had expired, making users deal with an annoying, 'Why don't you download the new version' screen when no new version was available? Yeah, that was no fun. Luckily, the Mac BU has recently released Remote De...

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Remote Desktop Connection beta expired, new version still weeks away

For Mac-centric sysadmins in a Windows-flavored world, there are a few essential tools: patience, humility, and RDC. Microsoft's Remote Desktop Connection client is the easiest way for anyone on OS X to manage Windows servers near and far, and the truth is it works pretty well -- not perfectly, but...

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MacBU is alive, promises Universal RDC and file convertors

It appears the Microsoft Mac Business Unit is alive after all as they popped up with an announcement of coming attractions for "the week of July 30th." They'll finally be offering a Universal Binary of the Remote Desktop Client which allows you to control Windows computers from your Mac (thereby hop...

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Microsoft, please fix Remote Desktop Connection for Mac

I live something of a double life. By night I am a highly influential, and very sexy, Apple blogger/pundit but by day I am a highly skilled Windows System Administrator (though I'm still very sexy). Thanks to the confluence of a nice boss and Intel Macs I am able to do all my work on a shiny new Ma...

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