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Zen Viewer, great-looking document management for iPad

Zen Viewer is a relatively new app (available on iTunes right now) that offers a fresh take on document filing, viewing and sharing on the iPad. It works with a host of online services, provides many options for file upload and download, and it looks great, too. Right now, it's a buck (US$0.99) It...

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Girl Scouts using iPhones to sell cookies now

Bad news: the Girl Scouts have discovered an easier way to sell you those dangerously delicious cookies, and it's through an iPhone. Starting this year, the Girl Scouts of America will be taking payments for their annual cookie sales through Intuit's GoPayment app, available on iOS. That mean...

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iOS RSS reader NewsRack out now in Mac App Store

NewsRack, the popular iOS RSS feed reader, is now available for Mac OS X (10.6.6 or later) in the Mac App Store. The new version from omz:software offers syncing with Google Reader, drag and drop feed arrangement, tabbed browsing and thumbnail previews, just as any good feed reader should. It has b...

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Apollo News reader shuts down and restarts with some RSS content missing

If you were enjoying using the Apollo News reader on your iPhone or iPad, you probably noticed that it stopped getting content for the last couple of days. In fact, the developers turned it off because they are in the middle of a conflict with some content providers. These disputes are nothing new. ...

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TUAW's Daily App: Articles

We've talked about Articles here on the site before. Out of all of the apps that won Apple Design Awards this year, I would say it's probably the most underrated and most useful. It's a Wikipedia reader, which doesn't sound like much since the mobile version of Wikipedia is pretty good already. Havi...

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Kindle and Nook e-readers get massive price cuts

We can't say for sure if the Apple iPad is the cause, but it's a pretty good bet the iPad and the iBook app are part of the problem for Amazon and Barnes and Noble. Both booksellers today dramatically cut the price of their competing e-book readers. Nook started the ball rolling downhill this mor...

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Square delays reader distribution, says it's examining transaction limits

Two weeks back at WWDC, Square told us that the company was "catching up with demand" of its little plastic credit card reader for the iPhone, and that it would "be there really soon." But it looks like things won't quite "be there" as soon as they thought. They've decided to delay the mass roll-...

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WWDC 2010: Square's first steps

Square has already made a big splash with its launch -- the company, founded by Jim McKelvey, Jack Dorsey (formerly of Twitter), and Tristan O'Tierney, has created a system for accepting credit card payments through the iPhone. After a lot of secrecy and hype, the app launched on the iPad a while b...

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Fast PDF brings iBooks functionality to PDF files

One bit of news from WWDC is that the new version of the OS formerly known as iPhone OS, iOS 4, will be released on June 21st. Along with it will come an iBooks app that will support PDF files. But you don't have to wait until then to get PDF support both on the iPhone/iPod touch and the iPad wit...

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The Reader feature in Safari 5 can change your whole web experience

I'm surprised Apple didn't hype the Reader feature in Safari 5 a bit more. It's almost a stealth function, and you might not even notice it is there. My colleague Dave Caolo touched on it in his Safari 5 overview, and I want to make sure everyone tries it. (If you're a fan of the Readability bookmar...

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VeriFone credit card reader gets deal to be in Apple Stores

The Square credit card reader for the iPhone has gotten most of the buzz around here, especially after we saw that impressive demo at Macworld a few weeks ago. But VeriFone's competing reader has been given the green light by Apple itself: the unit has been granted a deal for shelf space. VeriFon...

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BuzzVoice reads aloud to you almost anywhere

BuzzVoice can most simply be described as a talking reader for over 1400 blogs, but saying that doesn't begin to do it justice. It's not just an iPhone/iPod touch app, although BuzzVoice provides one [iTunes Link]. It's a platform that can be enjoyed on a variety of devices including any iPod or...

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Getting started with Times, an RSS reader for everyone

Most RSS readers on the desktop look like lists. Times, a reader Mat covered last year, looks like a newspaper. In a "normal" RSS reader, the river of information can become a blur and users may be put off by the incessant noise. Times, on the other hand, aims to make feeds more pleasant to peruse. ...

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TUAW Tip: Going to sleep with the iPhone

Since I often listen to music while falling asleep (especially on trips -- maybe it makes me feel more at home), I was happy to see this tip, sent to us by reader Mark S. He points out that there is a sleep timer on the iPhone, but it's not in the iPod app. It's hidden over in the Clock app -- once ...

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First Look: Classics

Have you ever been stuck on a train, plane, or bus and wanted a good book to read? With Classics [iTunes Link], you can easily pick up your iPhone and begin reading a small collection of classic literature and novels. As I mentioned last week, Classics takes a new approach to reading books on the iP...

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