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Yuma: New scripting tool for web developers

To web developers, scripting is the glue that connects web pages and back-end systems. For example, PHP is a very popular scripting environment that has been used to write web apps like WordPress and phpBB. For those of you who use PHP, you know that it is a dynamic, weakly-typed hypertext preproces...

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Mono Allows .NET and VB Apps on the Mac

Mono is an interesting Open Source Project, sponsored by Novell, that "provides the necessary software to develop and run .NET client and server applications on Linux, Solaris, Mac OS X, Windows, and Unix." The most recent version, 1.2.3, adds support for a Visual Basic 8.0 compiler meaning that Vis...

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REALbasic 2007

It's time again for our yearly REALbasic post. REAL Software has released the 2007 edition of their cross-platform development language. This edition brings improved support for building Universal Binaries as well improved "support for MySQL, PostreSQL and ODBC compliant databases" and QuickTime. S...

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REALbasic 2006

REAL Software has just announced the availability of REALbasic 2006, the newest version of their cross platform development environment. This new version includes support for mouse drag events, more datatypes, structures, numerous stability enhancements, and much more. REALbasic standard edition cos...

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