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Reality Absorption Field: Forms without Apple function

The last Reality Absorption Field discussed how CES is relevant to Apple -- mostly through major standards milestones -- even though the company doesn't attend the annual confabulation. But CES can also be seen as a mirror that is held up to the world of device makers, even those that don't att...

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Reality Absorption Field: What happens in Vegas

A few years ago, a senior Apple executive was once told that, even though Apple did not exhibit at the annual Las Vegas spectacle that is the International Consumer Electronics Show, its presence seemed to linger in the arid air and in the clouded minds of many attendees. "We love that," he rep...

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Reality Absorption Field: Peering into the crystal apple

photo by carl.lacey2 | flickr Should auld iQuaintance be forgot and never brought to mind? Last year was a landmark year for Apple that saw significant leadership changes. Tim Cook has committed to preserve Apple's culture and seems committed to many of its fundamental tenets -- high-quality ...

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Reality Absorption Field: Apple's wireless way

While it was announced amidst the October departure of Scott Forstall, the news that Bob Mansfield would un-retire to oversee all of the company's semiconductor and wireless work didn't get as much attention. Obviously, we are moving toward an increasingly wireless future. The technologies Appl...

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Reality Absorption Field: The one-two punch (minus the two)

When Microsoft talks about getting into devices so that it can integrate hardware and software in a way that HP, Dell, Acer and others don't or can't, one does not have to ponder long which competitor it has in its sights. But you can't accuse Microsoft of copying Apple's clean product seg...

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Reality Absorption Field: Navigating the return of Google Maps

When Apple's exiting iOS software chief forestalled the continuation of Google Maps as the default iOS location source in favor of the long-in-development Apple Maps, the crowd responded with its typical mix of adulation for the exceptional presentation quality of the forthcoming software and c...

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Reality Absorption Field: A slow rise to the Surface

After all the teasing and secrecy and controversy around its launch, the recent announcement by Steve Ballmer that Surface with Windows RT (the only chip-defined flavor of Microsoft's debut branded tablet that's currently shipping) was off to a "modest" start might have seemed like a shocking a...

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Reality Absorption Field: Sizing up the iPad mini

Welcome to Reality Absorption Field, a new bimonthly column where veteran industry analyst and occasional TUAW TalkCast contributor Ross Rubin will discuss industry developments and how they relate to Apple. On October 23rd, following presentation of slimmed-down Macs and a beefed-up iPad, Ap...

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