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Tag: realmacsoftware

New Courier Mac app from RealMac teased

Usually, I'm not so hot on the vague teasers, especially for Mac software. If you want me to be interested in your movie or your game or your software, just let me know what it does and how, and I'll decide if I want it or not. But what the heck, it's the freakin' weekend, so here's a teaser sh...

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Socialite (formerly Eventbox) out of beta, into your Mac

Socialite, the Mac social networking application formerly known as "Eventbox," has been released out of beta. The application is intended as a "one stop" for Twitter, Facebook, Google Reader, Flickr, Digg, and any site that supports RSS. I've used Eventbox for some time now, as well as Sociali...

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RapidWeaver 4.2.2 adds JS-Kit and improved Safari 4 support

Realmac Software has just released version 4.2.2 of TUAW favorite RapidWeaver. Although it may appear to be a minor point release, there are actually quite a few bug fixes and backend additions in this update. Highlights from the release notes: Completely re-written contact form with support for...

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LittleSnapper sneak peek

Video link Last month, our friends at Realmac Software teased us with some screenshots of their newest application, LittleSnapper. LittleSnapper is a program that will let you take screenshots of full web pages, with adjustment and sharing features similar to Skitch. The Realmac team has now produc...

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Rapidweaver 4.1 released

RapidWeaver is our "favourite" WYSIWYG (What you see is what you get) web design tool that gives you more flexibility than what iWeb. Realmac Software, the developer of RapidWeaver, has updated the software to version 4.1, and included some new features that are worth a look, including: QuickLook ...

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TUAW Review: RapidWeaver 4

Realmac Software has recently released the fourth major version of their RapidWeaver website creation software. RapidWeaver definitely gives a whole new meaning to "drag and drop," as you can create whole websites by dragging and dropping files onto RapidWeaver. As soon as the Realmac website was up...

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RapidWeaver 3.6.4 is available

RapidWeaver by Realmac Sofware is a WYSIWYG web editor that we like. If you're unfamiliar, it's a super-simple editor that features iLife and .Mac integration, flash photo galleries, an SDK and so on. Version 3.6.4 offers Leopard compatibility. Realmac also announced today that Rapidweaver 4.0 is un...

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RapidWeaver 3.6 released

Realmac Software today has released the much-anticipated new version of RapidWeaver, their powerful WYSIWYG software that does a great job of filling the gap between iWeb and Dreamweaver. This new v3.6 ushers in a significant list of new features, such as: Themes Styles - no more digging i...

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Developers unleash exclusive offers for MacHeist participants

One of the appeals of MacHeist that a few participating developers cited for their participation is residual sales. Things like upgrade licenses, extra plugins and add-ons can all be big boosts to a 3rd party developer's revenue, and some of MacHeist's participating devs have certainly hit the groun...

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Rapidweaver 3.5 is available

Woo, it's about time! It sure seemed like I've been using the public beta of version 3.5 for quite a long time. For the unfamiliar, Rapidweaver is the WYSIWYG web editor by Realmac Software that does, in fact, make things super easy. Create and maintain a blog (complete with podcast), photo and/or m...

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RapidWeaver 3.5

RapidWeaver 3.5, the theme based website creator, has just been released by Realmac Software. This release is a Universal Binary, and includes new themes, CSS based photo galleries, 'feature rich blogging,' and SFTP support. This release also includes the ability to directly edit the HTML code, whic...

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