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Apple asks judge to dismiss iTunes monopoly lawsuit

It's been a busy day for Apple lawsuit news. First, word broke that Apple has dropped a massive suit on Samsung for allegedly infringing on the iPhone and iPad's look and feel, and now we get word that Apple has asked a judge to dismiss a lawsuit that claims iTunes is a monopoly. The lawsuit stems...

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Steve Jobs ordered to provide antitrust deposition

There are some days when it feels like Steve Jobs is the only person who works at Apple, judging by the number of times his name is cited when anyone has a complaint against the company. Now, a US judge has ordered him to answer questions relating to monopolistic behavior over the iPod and th...

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Real Networks submitting Rhapsody music service for iPhone. Duck!

Now this will be interesting to watch. RealNetworks, not always best of friends with Apple, is submitting an iPhone app so subscribers can access the Rhapsody music service. The app is designed to be full-featured, and will let Rhapsody subscribers get easy control of the on-demand music service. R...

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Universal Music CEO says iPods are "repositories for stolen music"

Universal Music Group CEO Doug Morris is the latest tech exec to call iPod users thieves. Ballmer started it. Then came Glaser - who also dared call His Steveness "pigheaded." The comment was made in the context of the UMG boss stumping for Zune and applauding Microsoft's agreement to pay protection...

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Best Buy Digital Music Store is latest to take on iTunes

Have you heard the big news? Best Buy, RealNetworks and SanDisk have teamed up to launch a new digital music store, powered by Real's Rhapsody 4.0 - doing their part to save digital music everywhere from extinction. To help kick things off, Puff Daddy Sean Combs Sean Puffy Combs Fuzzy Wuzzy P. Didd...

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