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1st generation iPod nano recall in South Korea - no, not really

According to The Wall Street Journal, Apple Korea has issued a recall of 1st generation iPod nanos in South Korea. Some units have had a problem with overheating batteries, causing damage to the units and on some occasions the users themselves. On June 25th, the Korean Agency for Technology and Stan...

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Apple ships replacement USB power adapters

It has been a couple weeks since Apple started the recall process for USB iPhone power adapters. According to Apple, these adapters have the risk of their metal prongs breaking off inside the power outlet, creating a shock risk. Many TUAW readers have noted that their replacement power adapters hav...

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iPhone USB adapter recall announced

If you think that your iPhone's ultracompact USB power adapter is the coolest thing around, think again; Apple has announced an exchange program for the teensy wonders, as apparently they have a very infrequent habit of prong-snapping, leading to a risk of fire. Check to see if your adapter has a gr...

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Apple demands Psystar recall Mac clones

We noted yesterday that the Mac clone maker, Psystar, was sued by Apple for copyright infringement, among other things. According to a recent ZDNet post, Apple wants Psystar to recall all of the Mac clones sold since April. "Psystar's actions have been committed with intent to damage Apple and to co...

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Sony recalls eight Cyber-shot models

I hereby declare Sony to have had the worst 2006 year of any company. As if major PS3 shortages and being blamed for everyone's exploding batteries aren't enough, they now have to recall eight different models of Cyber-shot cameras that were sold between September 2003 and January 2005. The BBC is r...

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Apple sending battery recall emails to registered users

If there was ever a good reason to register a product like a notebook, being warned that it might catch fire, and getting the chance to avoid said fire, is as good as any in our book. We're receiving reports that Apple has begun sending emails to registered owners of iBooks and PowerBooks, announcin...

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CPSC and Apple get recall battery lists synced

We've noticed around the web, and also received a number of reports from you observant readers, that the list of recalled batteries didn't quite match up between the CPSC (U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission) and Apple. Understandably, quite a bit of confusion was building over this, but fortuna...

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Sony announces price on battery recall, checks couch for loose change

Product recalls are certainly nothing new to the tech industry, but two significant PC players (Dell and Apple) having to recall a collective 5.9 million batteries has to sting just a little for Sony. Macworld is reporting that the Japanese company announced an estimate on the cost of said sting: be...

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BREAKING NEWS: Apple recalls 1.1 million batteries

CNN is reporting Apple, who, like Dell, relies on Sony-manufactured batteries, is jumping on the recall wagon and recalling a whopping 1.1 million of the fire-prone beasties. There's no link yet on CNN's site, but here's the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission's page on the matter. Just when you...

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12-inch PowerBook batteries can catch fire, too

It looks like Dell isn't the only company who can have a little fun with laptops that get just a little too hot. Apparently, the battery of a Norwegian design firm employee's 12-inch PowerBook worked just a little too hard and caught ablaze itself, resulting in the image you see here. Let's hope th...

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Apple recalling MacBook Pro batteries

MacBook Pro owners, check your machine's serial number. If it begins with W8607 or W8608, it's eligible. There's nothing you need to do except check your mail (provided that you registered), as this is a "silent" recall, and Apple has begun cross-shipping replacement batteries to customers...

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