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The iPhone 4 Apple Press Event metaliveblog

Apple Press Event Welcome to our iPhone 4 live press conference event! Today we'll be metaliveblogging Apple's iPhone 4 announcements, adding our traditional TUAW twist to the proceedings. Will Steve Jobs offer a $29 bounty or free bumpers to all early iPhone 4 adopters? Or will the iPhone 4 its...

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Uh oh! Apple engineer reportedly warned company about iPhone antenna design

Apple's antenna woes continue with unabated fury today. Bloomberg news is reporting that Apple's senior antenna guru raised concerns about the antenna design planned for the iPhone, and allegedly told Steve Jobs that design could lead to dropped calls. The engineer, says Bloomberg, is Ruben Cabal...

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Is the iPhone 4 controversy much ado about nothing or a really big problem?

What's going on with the iPhone? It certainly depends on who's talking. This morning Dan Frommer of Silicon Alley Insider says the iPhone reception problem is a non-issue and will blow over. "You can make calls, use the internet, and do everything else you should be able to do on the iPhone 4 all...

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