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Tag: red sweater software

Why apps in Mountain Lion might need to see your address data

In OS X Mountain Lion, Apple has added extra protection around the address book and restricted apps from gaining access to the contents without a user's permission. This added security is beneficial for users, but it poses a communication problem for developers who need to access the address bo...

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Mountain Lion: Get your RSS button back in Safari 6

One of the most irritating omissions from Safari 6 -- the default Web browser in OS X Mountain Lion -- is that the RSS button has been removed from near the address bar. In fact, Safari no longer supports RSS feed reading natively, either. The feature page for Safari on Apple's site makes no me...

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MacTech 2010: Daniel Jalkut on the Mac App Store and more

Daniel Jalkut of Red Sweater Software (creator developer of MarsEdit, a TUAW favorite app for blogging) gave a talk at MacTech 2010 this morning about unit testing Mac apps, and while his developer talk was mostly over our heads, he did kindly allow us to corner him afterwards to chat about the sta...

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Twitter undo AppleScript

If you use Twitter via the web, you can simply click the trash can next to that last tweet that had a typo or - *gasp* - you realized all too late shouldn't be public. If you use something like the TUAW favorite Twitterrific from the Iconfactory, however, you're at a loss, as it features no such tra...

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Black Ink 1.0

Now, I'm not a big puzzler myself, but I do know lots of people out there enjoy the thrill of completing a tough crossword puzzle. Red Sweater Software has just announced the release of Black Ink 1.0 (formerly MacXword, Red Sweater Software has been on an acquisition tear as of late). Black Ink down...

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MarsEdit 1.1.3

Just a scant 4 days since Red Sweater Software acquired MarsEdit there is a new point release available. Now that's quick turnaround. MarsEdit 1.1.3, as you can imagine, is mostly a bug fix release but it is free to registered users and fixes the following things: Fix a bug with LiveJournal blog...

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MarsEdit acquired by Red Sweater Software

MarsEdit is my blogging client of choice. It is simple, straightforward, and streamlined (unlike Ecto, which I also use and enjoy). Today we found out that MarsEdit, formerly of Ranchero which itself was acquired by NewsGator, has been acquired by Red Sweater Software. This is good news for all Mars...

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FlexTime 1.0

FlexTime 1.0 has just been released and time obsessed Mac users rejoice! What is FlexTime? Some might call it a timer, but it is a very advanced timer. You can build 'routines' based on timed intervals, which in turn can cue you with a number of different cues (i.e. it can play a sound, run a scrip...

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