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Apple raised more than $20 million in holiday Product (RED) campaign

Apple raised more than US$20 million in its recent Product (RED) holiday campaign, reports Re/code citing an internal email that Apple CEO Tim Cook sent to employees. "I'm thrilled to announce that our total donation for this quarter will be more than $20 million - our biggest ever - bringing th...

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Apple announces new 'Apps for (RED)' campaign and retail sales donation for World Aids Day 2014

Apple yesterday announced its plans to support (RED) and mark World Aids Day 2014 by donating a portion of global online and retail store sales collected on Black Friday (November 28) and Cyber Monday (December 1). Apple also is setting up a special "Apps for (RED)" and Games for (RED) sections in...

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(RED) thanks Apple for contributions; claims Bono's "jokes" taken out of context

U2 frontman Bono made waves earlier this week when, during the course of a Cannes Lions presentation, he seemingly lambasted Apple for not being more vocal about its role in (Product) RED. "Apple is so f*cking annoyingly quiet about the fact they've raised $75 million," Bono explained. Adweek fu...

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Bono criticizes Apple for lack of Product RED promotion

Bono's (Product) RED initiative is the sort of program that's easy to support. RED sells specially-branded products and donates a portion of the profits to the fight against AIDS. It's a feel-good promotion that Apple has been of since 2006, raising over US$75 million for the initiative. So why ...

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Apple's Shanghai shirt: "Made for China"

We've heard great things already about the brand new Apple Store in Shanghai, but this one's interesting: on the back of employees' t-shirts there (which are red, apparently, rather than the usual black found in North America), Apple has printed "Designed in California, Made for China" in Chinese...

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Apple releases new iPhone Ad: "Shopper"

Following yesterday's "Concert" iPhone ad, Apple has released another ad called "Shopper." In "Concert," the ad featured a girl who was something of an impulse-buyer. The man in "Shopper" still likes to buy, but he's just got a little more self-control. The ad begins with a man using Safari to...

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Go RED for less

If you've been wanting to grab one of those Product RED iPod nanos, this is a good time. Apple has a quantity of refurbished 4GB models available for $169US each (typically they're $199US). Since Apple's donation to the Product RED fund is a flat fee on these nanos ($10) and not based on their retai...

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iTunes Red Card reminder

Don't forget that the iTunes red gift card is now available for purchase at the Apple store. Available in $25 denominations, each purchase sends $2.50 to the Global Fund to help fight AIDS in Africa. So if you're looking for a nice Valentine's day gift and want to give your sweetheart something bot...

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MacBook (PRODUCT) RED already in production?

Color me crazy, but the MacBook in this music video looks a lot like it could be one of those (PRODUCT) RED MacBooks that have been rumored before. Of course, it could also just be a ColorWare job to stir up some hype - though who exactly is doing the stirring is anyone's guess. You'll know more as...

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More rumors of other RED Apple products

It seems that due to the release of the iPod nano (PRODUCT) RED last week, September's rumors of other Apple products going the RED route are circulating again. Think Secret has a few 'sources' reporting that Apple and Bono have been kicking around the idea of RED iMacs and MacBooks, though their fa...

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Apple to ink deal with Bono for RED iPods, MacBooks and iMacs?

Think Secret is reporting that Apple might be working on a deal with Bono to produce some red products to help promote and support the U2 philanthropist's RED, an AIDS awareness charity. The idea is that RED cuts deals to produce exclusively red items from which a portion of the sale is donated to T...

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The U2 iPod makes a 5th generation encore

Apple has re-released the U2 iPod in the form of a red and black 5G iPod with video. The new U2 iPod features one design element to differentiate it from the normal 5G iPod and the previous U2 iPod: "an all-black stainless steel enclosure" or (as a subtitle underneath a picture of the U2 iPod mentio...

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