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Rumors: Mac Mini Deathwatch

Is the Mac Mini doomed? According to this AppleInsider article, it just may be. Kasper Jade writes that the mini is underpowered compared to the rest of the Mac product line and has seen far fewer hardware refreshes. Add to that relatively low unit margins for the hardware and the emergence of Apple...

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Refresh the Finder

Before Tiger one of the things people complained about the Finder was its lack of a "Refresh" command along the lines of F5 in the Windows Explorer. Supposedly this was fixed in Tiger with automatic refresh, but as we've noted in one of our Ask TUAW columns, sometimes it doesn't quite seem to work....

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Apple emailing .Mac customers about new webmail

Sure, we knew about the upcoming .Mac webmail refresh, but that's because we're nerds for Apple news (yes, you too - don't deny it. You're reading TUAW, after all). To my surprise this morning, I had an email from .Mac, advertising the new webmail and promoting all the new features. While there isn...

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