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Apple Store Refurb Watch

Right now, Apple's online Mac refurb section looks like a Piggly Wiggly in Atlanta the day before a big ice storm. The shelves are practically empty, waiting for a big restock. No MacBook Pros, no MacBooks, a few Powerbooks and iMacs, no minis. So where have all the refurbs gone? Well items come and...

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New refurb MacBooks, minis, etc. in the Apple Store

Apple has just added a few new goodies to the collection of refurbished products in the Apple Store, including several Intel Core Duo-based MacBooks, MacBook Pros, iMacs, and minis. Specific models range from the 17 inch, 2.16GHz Core Duo MacBook Pro with 1GB of RAM, 120GB HD, and SuperDrive for $1,...

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Refurb iPod shuffle for $59

Our friends at the Bargainist let us know that Apple is selling refurb silver current gen iPod shuffles for $59. Your $60 gets you the shuffle (no fancy colors though), a shuffle Dock, earphones, and free shipping. Not a shabby deal at all. If you were waiting around to see if you could get a shuffl...

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Newegg selling "recertified" iPods

When did Newegg start selling "recertified" iPods? At decent (but not great) prices, too. 30GB 5G iPod videos (both black and white models) are just two hundred bucks. At the Apple Store, to contrast, certified refurbished 30GB 5G iPod videos sell for $180, saving you a sawtoothsawbuck and includin...

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Apple Store restocked with refurbs

If you're looking for a refurb nano or G5, you might want to pop over quickly to the Apple store. A whole bunch of refurb macs and refurb nanos just popped up this evening and will probably sell out soon. If you're looking to find iPod refurbs, and the model you're looking for is not in stock, be pe...

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Unpacking a refurb MacBook

Apple Certified Refurbs are a great deal, this we know. However, what do they look like when you order one? That's the question Macsupport.ca has just answered with their unpacking pictures of a refurb MacBook. As you can see you don't get the fancy box, or the nicely shaped Styrofoam, but you do sa...

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