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Winners revealed for Atari's Pong Dev challenge, Pong World earns first place

The winners have finally been announced in the long-running Atari/Pong Indie Dev Challenge, and the three winning entries have been revealed prior to their eventual release on the App Store. Atari's contest sought out modern versions of Pong for the App Store, and offered cash prizes and revenu...

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Major iOS releases today: Macguffin's Curse, Sketch Nation Studio, more

As is customary Thursdays, a bevy of great iOS releases debuted on the App Store today, including several we've been waiting for. Here's a sampling of what you'll find out there (all prices are USD): If you just pick up one of these, MacGuffin's Curse should be it. It's a very well done pu...

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New games and updates on the App Store: Hunger Games, Dragonvale, more

Angry Birds Space wasn't the only big new release to hit the App Store last night. Here are some other noteworthy apps and updates that are now available (all prices are USD). Canabalt creator Adam Saltzman's new game, which is based on the upcoming Hunger Games movie, is now available as ...

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Some excellent new apps today: AAaaa!!, Hookshot Escape, lots more

It's Thursday, which means the new Apple-approved games and apps went up on the App Store yesterday, and there are quite a few good ones out this week. I'm not sure why devs decided to drop so many games on us (maybe just aiming to get them out by GDC next week), but if you need something to play ...

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Developers eager to submit apps before App Store vacation

It's that time of year again: Snow is in the air, presents are underneath the tree, and Apple is about to shut down the developer's side of App Store for its yearly freeze. The New York Times has done some solid coverage on the shutdown this year, which will start this Thursday, and run for a w...

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Vintage console RPG Chrono Trigger is now on iOS

In addition to all of the other great games that appeared on the App Store last night (Batman: Arkham City Lockdown is available, and the Skyrim Dragon Shout app is out as well), the long-awaited Chrono Trigger has also arrived, and as a game, I have to give it my highest recommendation. This...

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Square Enix releases new Chaos Rings 2 trailer, promises Final Fantasy Tactics soon

Square Enix has released a new set of "trailers" for the upcoming Chaos Rings 2, but you'll need to know Japanese to get anything out of them, unfortunately. They're all about the voice actors for the game, and don't really show any gameplay footage -- it's just the actors talking about the new...

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Bungie's Marathon, Swords and Soldiers now available on the App Store

Two games we've been eager to see on the App Store have arrived. First up, the unofficial version of Marathon (that's officially approved anyway) is out and ready for you to play. It's a free app by programmer Daniel Blezek, who translated Bungie's old FPS from the Mac to Apple's tablet. This i...

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Apple may freeze new Mac releases until Lion ships

Apple is rumored to be halting any new Mac releases until Lion ships in July, according to a report heard by AppleInsider. Sources for that site say that Apple management is so excited about the improvements and user experience Lion offers, they don't want to ship any new Macs until Lion is fin...

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New iOS releases: Chaos Rings Omega, Ticket to Ride, more

This mid-week (as with most recent weeks) brought a slew of new and notable iOS releases. Here's the roundup: Square Enix released Chaos Rings Omega, the sequel to its popular original RPG for iOS. It's premium priced at US$11.99 (no kidding) on the iPhone and $14.99 on the iPad. Days ...

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Lots of big iOS releases today: Dungeon Hunter 2, Eternal Legacy, more

Ah, the holidays. December brings snow, hot chocolate, lights and mistletoe, and oh yeah -- lots and lots (and lots) of App Store releases. You may have already heard about (and bought) the great Infinity Blade, which has quickly moved into the running for iOS game of the year. But there were a ton...

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Rock Band Reloaded out now on App Store, Puzzle Quest 2 out soon

Two big sequels have hit the App Store in the past day or so -- as the holidays are here, more big name titles will be forthcoming for sure. First up, EA has released Rock Band Reloaded, a new version of the popular Rock Band music game series for iOS. This one plays generally the same as the first...

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Sega bringing Chu Chu Rocket, others to iPhone soon

Sega America hosted an iPhone gaming event earlier this week, and the lineup of titles they've got coming to the App Store this fall is a gamer's dream: Chu Chu Rocket (my favorite Dreamcast game!) is coming to iOS, along with classic side scrollers Gunstar Heroes and Altered Beast, Sonic the Hedge...

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Code shows future iOS devices currently in testing

I don't know how much of a newsflash it really is that Apple is working on brand new versions of the iPhone and iPad, but just in case you thought that the current iterations were the last, let's set the record straight. Code in the latest iOS release shows that Apple is currently working on "unrel...

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WWDC 2010: Farmville for iPhone coming soon

Zynga showed up on the stage at the WWDC keynote this morning to show off one of the most-awaited (and most hated) apps coming to the iPhone: Farmville. The popular Flash-based social networking game is finally making its way to the iPhone by the end of June, and it'll be bringing at least one new ...

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