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Due 2 makes timers, reminders easy and now includes IAP (Updated)

Many of us here at TUAW were big fans of Due when it arrived on the App Store. It featured a no-nonsense design that allowed you to set timers and timed reminders quickly and intuitively, plus a few niceties like a logbook for previous timed events in case you wanted to use one again. The origin...

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Beta iCloud site briefly appears along with developer's site (updated)

TUAW editor Dave Caolo noticed that the iCloud beta site briefly featured icons for Notes and Reminders. The good folks over at MacStories and developer Steve Troughton-Smith spotted the same thing. It was up long enough for a quick screengrab then disappeared. Is this a teaser for WWDC? As a c...

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Chronicle: An elegant way of tracking your bills

Let's face it: paying bills is not fun. There's the $75-plus monthly AT&T bill (assuming $40 voice + $30 data + $5 text messages) for your iPhone, the $25-plus broadband bill that your iPhone, iPad, and Mac use, as well as a host of other recurring bills that make life that much more fun and, w...

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OmniFocus for iPhone finally has reminders, but implementation is awful

[Update] Ken Case comments below, addressing some of the concerns listed here. It looks like a future version of OmniFocus on the Mac will be able to directly update the OmniFocus reminders on the server, removing at least one of my complaints. Ken Case from The Omni Group has been twittering for a...

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MenuMinder: quick reminders in your menubar

MenuMinder is a simple piece of software that does one thing, but does it reasonably well. It sits in your menubar and allows you to enter quick reminders to yourself. The reminders pop up whenever you like (though in an unfortunate brushed metal interface, right). You can also set them to be emaile...

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Quicksilver Tip: Timed Reminders

Quicksilver never fails to impress. I just ran across this excellent tip on macosxhints.com for setting little timed reminders to yourself. There are a plethora of little egg timer type applications for OS X, but why bother with one of those when you can do this in Quicksilver? Suppose you want to ...

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iCalFix: automatically add reminders to iCal events

We've blogged iCalFix before, back when it was just a fledgling 0.1 release that didn't even have a GUI interface (you had to edit a pref file lying around in ~/Library). For those who don't remember: it's a simple iCal plugin that automatically adds a reminder to every event you create. In this la...

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Widget watch: Reminder

For all those times when adding a quick reminder to iCal is too cumbersome, or you might not be online so the Backpack widget can do its thing, the Reminder widget might be right up your alley. As you can see, the widget has a simple interface allowing you to add some type of a reminder name/message...

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