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Beepocalypse: How Apple could improve multi-device reminders

Today, beloved leader Victor pointed me to this write-up over at Tidbits. Although Joe Kissel's experience with quite so many devices (nine, I believe) falls a bit into the extremes of iOS/OS X use, the problem of dealing with distributed alarms is a real one: a single reminder can set off alerts...

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Tidying up location contacts for Siri and Reminders

My personal address book has no shame. I have contacts for people I haven't spoken to in years, contacts for people who I met at tech conferences, contacts for schools, for local stores, for repairmen, and so forth. It's one big old happy jumbled mess. I'm cool with that. When I want Siri and...

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Remember The Milk adds Siri support

Remember the Milk is an online task management system that lets you create and sync tasks with your mobile devices. If you have the iPhone 4 or earlier, Remember The Milk users can install an iOS app that'll sync their tasks for them. But if you have an iPhone 4S, you can use Siri to add tasks yo...

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iOS 5 features: Reminders

Of all of the new bits and pieces of iOS 5, one of the apps I'm using the most is Reminders. It's a simple yet effective app for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad that is used to set up self-reminders and task lists that are synced through iCloud. Let's take a look at this latest feature of iOS and Mac...

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OmniFocus gets iOS 5 location-based reminders

OmniFocus has updated its popular OmniFocus for iPhone and OmniFocus for iPad apps. The updates bring iOS 5 compatibility and the usual bug fixes, but they also bring a very cool new feature OmniFocus users are sure to love: Location Reminders. Using iOS 5′s geo-fencing APIs, both the i...

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5 iOS features that OS X needs

iOS 5 is set to launch this Wednesday and the beta testers I've talked to say it's a monumental leap forward. iOS 5 adds over 200 features to an already polished mobile operating system, which is arguably the best on the planet. As many Mac users know, Mac OS X Lion is no slouch either. Featu...

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TUAW Giveaway: Bugger puts repeated reminders in your pocket

Given the number of things you have to keep track of in a day, sometimes a simple task manager -- the kind that reminds you once and then waits until the next day to tickle you again -- doesn't seem adequate. If you wish you had a snooze button for your tasks, maybe Bugger (US$0.99) is worth a look....

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First Look: Moments

Have you wanted to remember an event, or just remember a small bit of information for later? On the Mac there's a cool application called Stickies, but there really wasn't a great application for doing this same thing on the iPhone ... until now. [Where's the love for Evernote and the built-in Notes...

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Jott2iGTD: Use voicemail to add tasks to iGTD

As many of you know, iGTD is a killer task management app that can't stop bringing cool features to the table. As fewer of you might know, Brett Terpstra at the Circle Six Design blog also can't seem to stop bringing awesome tools and features to the table; he's responsible for stuff like the Fli...

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