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How to control Apple TV with a third-party remote

Here's a cool Apple TV feature that you probably didn't know about, particularly if you're like me and the third-generation Apple TV is your first foray into Apple's "hobby" device. In addition to the pre-packaged and somewhat spartan remote and Apple's more full-featured Remote app for iOS dev...

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Apple Remote version 2.3 supports iTunes Match, iPad Retina display

The updates keep coming. Apple has issued version 2.3 of its Remote app (free, universal) for iPad, iPhone and iPod touch. This update provides support for the new iPad's Retina display and iTunes Match on the Apple TV. Go get it, folks!...

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Smart Cord may be the simplest app on the store, it's an on/off switch

Bombarded by CES news? This won't take long to read. The Smart Cord app is basically just one button, designed to control a simple but clever Bluetooth power cord. If you have an outdoor fountain that you like to turn off at night, or anything that needs a remote-controlled on/off switch, Smart...

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Daily iPhone App: Total Control

Total Control is for the surveillance camera owner who wants "total control" of his or her arsenal of cameras. I recently installed two surveillance cameras in my home and use this app to observe both the interior and exterior my house when I'm traveling. Total Control has a comprehensive dat...

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Apple updates Remote, iMovie for iOS

Apple has released Remote 2.2 for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. This update offers a number of changes, including iOS 5 compatibility and the ever-popular "stability and performance improvements." Meanwhile, iMovie for iOS version 1.2.2 is also available. According to Apple, this update "...addre...

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Logitech Harmony turns iPhone, iPad into a remote

Logitech has announced the Harmony Link, a Wi-Fi remote base station/iOS app combo that turns your iPhone or iPad into a remote control for your TV. Logitech isn't the first to come to market with a hardware/software iOS remote, but the Link may well be the coolest. Its magic lies in the Harmon...

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BuddyTV Guide for iPhone delivers TV recommendations, TiVo/GoogleTV controls

In Victor's recent reviews of iOS universal remotes, most of the products' focus was on helping you control your entertainment devices. Only one system (the Peel) delivered program recommendations in a new way, helping you decide what to watch. The approach behind Buddy TV Guide is a bit differ...

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VooMote One IR sled and app: A new iPhone/iPod touch universal remote

The boss -- AKA Victor Agreda, Jr. -- did an amazing writeup on July 15 where he compared three iOS-based universal remotes. Sure enough, just a little over a week later, there's a new kid in town. has created a universal remote sled for iPhone and iPod touch called the VooMote One ($99)...

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Which universal remote for iOS should you choose?

This week I ran in-depth reviews of three iOS-based universal remote systems. Each uses a separate remote unit, as opposed to dongle-based IR blasters like the Ri remote and others. We'll take a look at those other IR remotes another time. The question is, of the Peel, UnityRemote and Beacon, w...

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Griffin Tech's Beacon: A highly customizable universal remote

Griffin debuted an early version of the Beacon at CES, but it has only recently become available for sale. The Beacon is another iOS-controllable IR blaster combo to control all your audio/video components. Like the UnityRemote, there's a Bluetooth IR blaster. Unlike the UnityRemote, however, G...

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Griffin announces a $50 iOS-controlled helicopter

It has no built-in camera beaming video back to your iPhone, and it isn't controlled via Wi-Fi. There are no augmented reality apps that come with it, nor is there (as far as we know) a way to hack the firmware. It only has two full-size rotors instead of four. Despite all of these shortcomings...

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UnityRemote: another iOS universal remote worth checking out

We first spied the UnityRemote from Gear4 at CES in January. Gear4 has decided to go with a very simple device and app, and that's a good thing. Frankly, I don't get having social features in my TV remote (and yet I take Instagram photos of meals) or needing twenty different ways to visuali...

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Peel: first look at one of four iOS remotes for your TV

With so many new iOS-centric AV remotes coming out, we're tackling them for review one by one. Each has a different approach to delivering on the "true universal remote" promise, and each has its own advantages and drawbacks. The Peel is a two-part solution for your living room entertainment: t...

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Video App Demo: Tango Remote

We've taken a look at Tango Remote before, and I've always thought it was functionality that Apple should have included in iOS to begin with. Tango Remote allows you to remotely control the music on one iOS device from another iOS device. This way you could plug in your iPod touch to a stereo, bu...

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Peel iOS remote raises $16 million in funding

We've posted about the Peel universal IR remote before. It's an interesting setup using a third-party unit that looks almost like a pear, designed to fit right into your living room wirelessly. It connects to an iOS app and turns your iDevice into a universal remote for any other units you migh...

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