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Hands-on with Logitech's Harmony Hub and Harmony Control app

I'll be the first to admit that I'm probably not the biggest fan of remote controls. Over the years, my wife and I have accumulated a literal basketful of remotes. There's one for the HDTV, one for the Blu-Ray, one for the Comcast DVR. Add to that the controls for the Bose surround sound system, t...

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Griffin MOTO TC Monster truck offers Bluetooth control, so-so software

When Steve assigned me the Griffin MOTO TC Monster truck (US$49.99) to review, I basically assumed this was going to be the best review assignment ever. Sadly, it was not. This Bluetooth-managed truck offers solid hardware features, but its software is just not up to the task. The hardware co...

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Netflix for iOS has second screen remote control for PS3

There's a sweet feature that's hidden in Netflix's mobile apps for iOS and Android, in the form of a remote for Netflix on Sony's PlayStation 3, Engadget reports. When you use the iPad or iPhone app to play a video while on the same network as a PlayStation 3 (also running Netflix), you'll se...

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Xbox LIVE iOS app adds iPad support

Microsoft updated its Xbox LIVE app for iOS and added a much needed remote feature for the iPad. This feature allows users to use the tablet as a remote control for browsing through the console's media and controlling playback of content. Though new to the iPad, the remote control was already p...

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Microsoft updates iPhone app to control Xbox 360

Microsoft has dropped an update for its My Xbox Live app in the App Store, and it adds a pretty significant bit of functionality. You can now control your Xbox 360 over a wireless network directly from your iPhone. The app can see recent console activity, browse and play media, and even hit fas...

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Super yacht controlled by an iPad

Looking more like a floating spaceship than a luxury boat, the Adastra is the result of five years of work by billionaire Anto Marden and yacht designer John Shuttleworth. Not only is the boat an object to behold, it's also crammed full of high-tech goodness like an iPad-powered remote control ...

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Peel to test real-time polling of TV shows

Remember Peel? The pear-shaped IR blaster and accompanying remote control app was given the TUAW review treatment last July by our very own Victor Agreda, Jr. The company has announced that starting this week, they'll be testing a real-time polling feature in the app. Not surprisingly, the polling ...

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Thought experiment: hacking Siri to control your TV

Yesterday, our lead editor Mike Rose sidelined me to ask, "Could we tell Siri to control Apple TV?" Just as a thought experiment. After a bit of investigation, I had an answer for him, which was "Yes, you could, but no, you probably don't want to." That's because the degree of hacking necessary ...

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TeamViewer enhances Remote Control for Macs

TeamViewer is offering a new OS X version of its remote control and online presentation software with some significant feature updates. TeamViewer now starts automatically with system boot and runs in the background. Once connected, the computer or server can be controlled as if the user was ...

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Logitech Harmony turns iPhone, iPad into a remote

Logitech has announced the Harmony Link, a Wi-Fi remote base station/iOS app combo that turns your iPhone or iPad into a remote control for your TV. Logitech isn't the first to come to market with a hardware/software iOS remote, but the Link may well be the coolest. Its magic lies in the Harmon...

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Cablevision brings live TV streaming to iPhone and iPod touch

Cablevision has released the Optimum app for iPhone and iPod touch. The app allows Cablevision subscribers to stream live TV to an iPhones or iPod touch while in their home. What's cooler than streaming live TV is that the app even lets you watch your On Demand movies and shows on your iPod tou...

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Apptwee Ri universal remote for iOS is inexpensive and tiny

With the success of all handheld iOS devices -- iPhone, iPod touch and iPad -- it's not surprising that manufacturers want to turn them into universal remote controls. Some manufacturers are going the more expensive route, like Peel with their $99 remote that features a pear-shaped transmitter th...

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In search of the perfect remote access app: TeamViewer

If you have multiple computers or have to provide support to a remote Mac or PC used by a family member or friend, or if you travel and need to contact your computer at home, you're a customer for some sort of remote access. There are lots of choices, both free and paid. I've tried many, like som...

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LogMeIn Ignition update adds file management / transfer capability

LogMeIn Ignition (US$29.99) is a popular tool for making hassle-free remote control sessions to Macs and PCs. We've reviewed the universal app on TUAW before, and it's a well-designed tool for those who may not want to play with router settings and firewall ports to get a VNC connection going. ...

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DirecTV app for iPad debuts

We said it was coming, and DirecTV for iPad has now hit the App Store. The free app is a nice addition to the DirectTV service. The app can be used as a remote, it can schedule DVR recordings, and it has an easily browsable guide for locating your favorite programs and setting preferences for the...

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