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TiVo says iPad app due by end of January

In what could only loosely be called a formal announcement, The Mac Observer is reporting that TiVo took to the Twitter airwaves today to let us know that the TiVo-branded iPad app should be out before the end of January 2011. Back in November 2010 was the first time we had heard about an upcoming T...

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Sharing screens with TeamViewer for iPad and Mac

Here at TUAW, we love enthusiastic readers. They tell us what they like and what they don't like, and nothing could be more passionate than the recommendations for TeamViewer that appeared in the comments on a post I recently wrote about using iTeleport and LogMeIn to provide remote support. Given t...

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iPanel will turn your iPad into a very expensive remote control unit

I've previously reviewed a couple of relatively inexpensive products to turn your iPhone into a universal remote. The RedEye and POWER A remotes are pretty cool, but the one thing that always sunk it for me was the lack of hard buttons. Plus, I'm always on the lookout for a decent contender on the i...

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Hands-on: Savant shows off their iPad interface

Savant AV brought their iPad road tour to a location that happens to be pretty close to me in Irvine, California. So, I headed down there to take a look at their brand new iPad app, an interface for wirelessly controlling their high-end home automation systems. The company helps dealers put togethe...

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'69 GTO controlled by an iPod touch

The Parrot AR.Drone quadricopter was probably the coolest thing ever controlled via iPhone or iPod touch... until this. Dave Phipps has hooked up a '69 Pontiac GTO to his iPod touch -- he's been rebuilding these cars for a long time, and this particular one was picked up out of a farm for just $400....

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Savant: iPad to "Redefine home automation"

Automating one's home with a Mac isn't new. Indigo has been around for a while, as has XTension. Heck, you can even feed your dog remotely. The folks at Savant offer a way to control your home or office's entertainment system, climate, security cameras, lighting and more with an iPhone or iPod touch...

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Patent hints at next generation Apple TV

The USPTO has published seven different patents from Apple today, including one that might be found in the next generation of the Apple TV. The patent allows for a "Remote Control System that can Distinguish Stray Light Sources" -- in other words, a Wii style remote that can pick out a certain type...

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Beta Beat: LogMeIn Pro2 for Macintosh now in free public beta

LogMeIn, providers of the LogMeIn service for remote control of computers, has opened a public beta of LogMeIn Pro2 for Mac. The company currently provides LogMeIn Free for Mac, as well as LogMeIn Ignition for iPhone [US$29.99, iTunes Link], allowing Mac and iPhone users the ability to securely c...

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Dangerously driving a car with an iPhone

Here at TUAW we've seen lots of uses for the iPhone as a remote control, but if you were watching and thinking that those projects were way too safe, then the guys at Waterloo Labs have got you covered. They approached the project with a low budget and DIY attitude, building a low-cost (relatively ...

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Found Footage: iPhone as remote control

Earlier this week, news of iDriver hit the Internet. In case you missed it, it's an app that was developed by computer science researchers at Berlin's Free University to drive a modified minivan, the "Spirit of Berlin." Steering, break and accelleration commands are sent over Wi-Fi. In the demo ...

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Found Footage: New & improved TankedCam, now with even more iPhone

Remember Pete's FishCam? Just before Christmas of 2008, we did a short post about Pete Raumann's web app that he developed that allowed him to watch his fish tank, turn the light on and off, and even open and close a treasure chest in the tank. Pete's now presenting the newly renamed TankedCam to t...

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TweetMyMac: Remote control of your Mac via Twitter

Important safety tip: Please read the instructions for TweetMyMac carefully, especially the part about creating a separate Twitter account for your Mac -- do not use your regular Twitter account, or anyone you follow will be able to control your machine. We have previously covered some of the way...

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Found Footage: Control an unmanned aerial vehicle with an iPhone

What does a former US Navy F/A-18 Hornet pilot do with her time now that she heads MIT's Humans and Automation Lab? The short answer is "really cool stuff," and the long answer is even better. During her tenure as a pilot, Professor Cummings became frustrated with the Hornet's cockpit. "I spe...

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First Look: LogMeIn Ignition

This post is a first for me in that I'm typing (or tapping) it in on an iPhone using our Blogsmith CMS. No, there's not a Blogsmith iPhone app that I'm aware of, and I'm not using Safari on the iPhone to pull up our web portal. Instead, I'm controlling my office iMac from about 16 miles away using m...

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Found Footage: Pete's FishCam

Remember the remote-controlled dog treat dispenser from a few weeks ago? Now Pete Raumann has come up with Pete's FishCam, which comes complete with an iPhone interface so that he can remotely watch his fish swimming around in a nicely appointed aquarium. It's more than just a webcam, though -- Pete...

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