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Blame the studios for iTunes movie delays

As Macworld has reported, Apple has failed to meet their target of 1000 standard definition rentals and 100 HD rentals, that they claimed would be available by the end of February. While the number of HD titles available via Apple TV is pretty close to the promised figure, 91 according to Macworld, ...

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iTunes Rental availability outperforms promises

Many of our readers are noticing that rental titles reach iTunes more quickly than expected. Didn't Apple promise new titles 30 days after the DVD release? TUAW reader Robbie Taylor wrote in to let us know that Michael Clayton hit the iTunes "shelves" within just a day or so of its February 19th ...

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Deciphering iTunes Movie options

Now that iTunes rentals have launched, it has become kind of tricky deciphering what movies are available to rent, what movies are available to purchase, and what movies are available and what movies can be rented or purchased. While Apple promises that more than 1000 movies will be available to re...

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Will iTunes rentals play on a 5G iPod? Nope.

The long-rumored iTunes rental service is finally up and running. For many users, the most attractive part of the service (and certainly the only part that really sets it apart from any of the other online rental options) is the ability to transfer your rental to an iPod, iPhone/iPod Touch, or third...

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Renting a movie in iTunes

Five years ago, my wife and I often rented movies. "I think I'll get a movie on the way home from work," I'd think. It was spontaneous and simple. Then it happened. We had children. To say that parenthood is life-changing is like saying the sun is hot. While we were busily trying to keep a brand new...

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iTunes rentals and the system date

We got an interesting tip from "Jack", who noted that you could affect the time remaining on an iTunes movie rental by altering your system time. I gave it a shot to be sure. It's true, if you're willing to offset the date on your computer until you finally have time to watch that movie, you can get...

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AAPL, Blockbuster and Netflix down following Macworld Keynote

Blockbuster and Netflix's stocks both took big hits based on what we just heard Steve say at Macworld. Blockbuster has dropped a handy 15%, and Netflix "tumbled 6 percent" already this afternoon (although it's jumped back a bit since then), according to CNN Money. Apparently investors are convince...

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Rumour: Fox to include iTunes files with DVDs starting 15th Jan

We heard a while back that Apple and the movie studios were in negotiations over movie rentals, and there were mentions of iPod compatible movie files being shipped with DVDs. Of course, to be able to legitimately import DVDs (without resorting to Handbrake) has been a pipe dream for consumers. But ...

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iTunes movie rentals coming, Fox is only studio so far

The Financial Times is reporting that Apple and Twentieth Century Fox have reached a deal to provide movie rentals on the iTunes Store, likely to be announced at Macworld. While Disney sells a full line of films on iTunes and other studios provide catalog titles, this is the first rental arrangement...

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Apple to pay higher wholesale movie price reports Ars

Over at infinite Loop, Former TUAW heavyweight David Chartier posts that Apple will soon be paying a $15 per movie wholesale price to the movie studios. David sees this as Apple caving into Hollywood after a tense face-off. Me? I see this another way. I don't believe the movie sales over at the iT...

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More rumors about iTunes movie rentals

CNN Money has more fuel for the fire on the iTunes movie rental rumors popping up lately. They say Apple is in talks to get the rentals up and running with major Hollywood studios. Supposedly the movies would be watchable on the iPod or iPhone, but could not be copied, and would not actually be purc...

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