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iPad hands-on: Not a full desktop replacement, but the keyboard works

For all of the back and forth about the iPad over the last week, only a handful of people (including Stephen Colbert) have gotten to actually touch one. Fox News, of all the outlets out there, posted a pretty clean and objective hands-on with the iPad earlier this week, and you can get a pretty good...

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Think those warranty parts are new? Think again

We received a question from one of our readers earlier this week that made me cringe, cower in fear, and heavily debate posting the answer. He had just been to the Genius Bar and they had replaced his under-warranty iPhone for a hardware issue. He then asked us what the quality of said iPhone would ...

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Apple to replace water-damaged iPhones via out-of-warranty service

ifoAppleStore is reporting that Apple has instituted a new policy that will let iPhone owners swap their liquid-damaged iPhones for replacements. For $199US, customers can swap their defunct phones for a refurb unit, provided that it succumbed to an out-of-warranty encounter with liquid. Here's the ...

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How much will it cost to replace your 17-inch MacBook Pro battery?

Apple posted details about how much it will cost to replace the battery in the new 17-inch MacBook Pro notebooks announced at last week's Macworld Expo. The cost works out as follows: United States: $179 Canada: C$219 Europe: €179 (including VAT) United Kingdom: £139 (including ...

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Apple replacing frayed MagSafe power cables

According to a Knowledge Base article posted last week, Apple is now replacing (free of charge) frayed, discolored and deformed MagSafe power adapters for MacBook and MacBook Pro. But -- and there's always a but -- they will only replace it if there's no sign of "abuse." So if you've been doing the...

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Pomoto 1.0.1 plays better with iPhoto

Pomoto is basically a replacement for iPhoto's .Mac web albums, designed to take your iPhoto collection and put it on the web with as little trouble as possible. Like FlickrExport (although this is a separate app, of course, not a plugin), it looks like a pretty smooth way to get all the cool stuf...

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iPhone battery a ticking time bomb?

No, not exploding batteries. I'm talking about 12-18 months from now, when thousands upon thousands of iPhone batteries, completely sealed from consumers, will begin to lose their juice. Sheldon Liber, on our sister site Blogging Stocks, suggests that in about a year, Apple is going to be dealing wi...

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Apple says iPhone battery charging problem is a fixable firmware issue

Randall from Wireless Info sent us the news that Apple has acknowledged the iPhone battery issue is in fact a bug that will be fixed in a future software update. A few days ago, WI noticed that even after sitting in the charger for 12 hours, their iPhone battery gauges didn't show a full charge. Aft...

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Replacing your iPod hard drive

Do you feel lucky? Got an iPod with a dead, undersized or otherwise less-than-peachy hard drive? Well, pilgrim, surf your way over to Command-Tab for a detailed, delightful rundown on iPod hard drive replacement. They've got the scoop on every drive that will fit in full-size current and past model ...

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"Walk of shame" customer receives iMac replacement

Remember Karl, the frustrated iMac customer from Dublin who was going to prove he could walk his sick iMac 156 miles into service for replacement faster than Apple could pick it up? As it turns out, he apparently never hit the road; Infinite Loop at Ars Technica is reporting that Apple Ireland recei...

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Betts mods your Mac

Everyone's favorite duck-icon sporting graphic designer is more than a pretty icon of a face, he helps make the rest of your programs look good too. Adam Betts regularly posts modifications or add-ons to various pieces of Mac software to his blog, and although each one is cool enough to warrant a po...

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More fun with Steve's NYC cube

The saga of the NYC cube continues. For the uninitiated, the cube in question is the huge, 5 story glass cube that will adorn the upcoming Manhattan Apple Store. Steve Jobs designed the cube, and is very much in love with it. According to a report at ifoAppleStore, the titanium pieces that hold the ...

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Path Finder 4.1 released with Universal Binary, other enhancements

Path Finder, the powerful file browser/manager (pseudo-Finder) from Cocoatech, has been updated to version 4.1. Along with Universal Binary status and the typical round of bug fixes, this update also includes: Improved Go To Folder with autocomplete Smart Folders – Path Finder can now r...

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Unofficial iPod Battery Week

Or at least that's what it seems to be turning into. Two vendors this week announced major iPod battery initiatives. First, the people at FastMac publicly announced their TruePower batteries for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd gen iPods. TruePower promises charges that last two to three times as long, and a batte...

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