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Forrester: 19% of U.S. consumers now use tablets

As 2012 draws to an end, it's time once again for various analytics firms to reveal what the statistics they've been feverishly compiling. Forrester Research is one such organization, and as TechCrunch reports, the company's annual "State of Consumers and Technology" report has just been published...

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Report reveals just 34% of apps released in 2012 were paid

The App Store is a very different place than it was four years ago, and nothing makes that point better than Appsfire's 2012 roundup infographic. Arguably the most telling statistic regarding the current state of apps is that just 34 percent of apps released in 2012 landed in the Paid category,...

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Nielsen reports that iPad is most wanted this holiday season

Nielsen has released its annual report on which electronic goodies consumers in various age groups are looking for this Thanksgiving. Once again, Apple products are claiming most of the top of the list. Kids in the US aged 6-12 are looking for an iPad as the number one item under their holida...

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Flurry details app retention by app category, users love weather apps

Flurry has looked at app engagement and retention with its great series of reports on app usage, and the company has now returned to the subject in a new release. This time, the mobile advertising firm looks at app retention within certain categories to see which kinds of apps users are able to...

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iOS claims 65% of mobile web marketshare

NetMarketShare has released its latest report on Internet usage by mobile devices, and not only has iOS remained on top for Internet usage, but Apple's OS has grown its lead up to 65% of total mobile Internet traffic. In just the last month, usage on iOS went up by 3%, and the year-over-year fi...

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Sprint's share of iPhone sales at big box stores double that at Apple retailers

A new study by CIRP shows that even though Sprint is finally carrying the iPhone in the U.S., it might have come a little too late to the party. According to the study, Sprint is selling twice as many iPhones at big box retail stores like Best Buy than it's selling at Apple Stores. That's inter...

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Factory workers claim Foxconn hid underage employees prior to inspection

No doubt you watched Nightline's special edition about Shenzhen's Foxconn factory where workers assemble iPhones, iPads and Macs. If you missed it, you can watch it online at ABC's website (US only). As we noted last night, the documentary showed a rather clean Foxconn factory filled with young, Ch...

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ABC's iFactory report shows life at Foxconn

Update: You can now watch this full episode on (US only, of course) I just finished watching the ABC Nightline report cleverly named iFactory: Inside Apple. ABC's Bill Weir was given unprecedented access to Foxconn, where iPhones, iPads and Macs are assembled. If you've been following thi...

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Study: iPad holds value longer than Kindle

Electronics retailer Gazelle has been calculating up the various values of used electronics, and the firm has found that the iPad will hold its value way better than the Amazon Kindle has so far. The Kindle e-readers have only held, at the most, about 33% of their price after a year of use, while ...

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Good Technology report shows Apple still dominates enterprise activations

Good Technology's quarterly report on device activation statistics among its Fortune 500 clients has been released. Just like previous quarters, the results show a marked dominance of iOS device activations in enterprise environments. In the consumer arena, Android has been running away with the m...

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Over a quarter of photos now taken with smartphones, according to NPD

I'll 'fess up -- on our wish list earlier this week, I was the one who asked (reasonably, I thought) for an Apple Camera. I've been shopping for a DSLR lately, and while the quality of some cameras are great, the interfaces are pretty terrible. I really do wish that Apple would step in and rede...

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NPD: Outside of the iPad, TouchPad's fire sales make it number one

Analysis firm NPD has released one last report on tablet computers before the holiday season officially kicks off, and something crazy is happening to that market. Outside of the iPad (which of course is currently dominating the space), the next big contender goes to ... the HP TouchPad, a devi...

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Apple, China groups meet to discuss environmental concerns

Environmental concerns continue to plague Apple and its suppliers in China. Earlier this year, Apple was singled out in an environmental report called "The Other Side of Apple," which detailed health, environment and safety issues at Chinese manufacturing facilities. Apple met with some of its ...

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Report: iOS and Android apps fighting for retention, not discovery

The latest Flurry report has an interesting insight for app developers. Over the last few years, as apps have gained more and more attention and users, discovery has been one of the biggest issues developers face: Most devs spend a lot of their time post-release just trying to tell as many peop...

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Report suggests iTunes store coming to additional European countries

A report from Polish newspaper Rzeczpospolita claims Apple is preparing to launch its iTunes music store in ten new countries throughout Europe. These new additions may include Poland, Hungary, the Czech Republic and seven other unnamed locations. If Rzeczpospolita's report is correct, this r...

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