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Another Apple Store for NYC and more news for May 19, 2014

The sun rises on yet another Monday and like a phoenix from the ashes, a new week is born. Here's a bit of news to get you going. NYC gets yet another Apple Store (Apple Store Cape Cod. Make it happen, Apple) and Apple gets sued. Stop me if any of this sounds familiar. NYC will get yet another...

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Apple, EA test free in-app purchases and more news for May 16, 2014

Don't start your weekend without a dose of Apple news. Today we've got free in-app purchases, CarPlay and a lot of retail revenue for Apple. Apple and EA are trying out free in-app purchases. Apple and game maker EA are trying out something new. EA is issuing promo codes that give players 10...

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Apple improves return policy and other news for May 12, 2014

Today in the news, Apple ramps up its online retail customer service and Square ditches one app for another, which you can try...if you live in NYC or San Francisco. Square Order is a new app that lets you place an order from a restaurant, cafe or shop to be picked up later. Still restricted to...

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Evernote, LinkedIn team up and other news for May 7, 2014

Remember business cards? Remember feeling badly about tossing them into the hotel trash can after the conference? There's a fix in this morning's news, plus two new Apple Stores and Swatch gets cranky (but not too cranky) with Apple. Evernote and LinkedIn want to digitize those business cards...

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Tumblr introduces in-app themes and more news for May 6, 2014

Good news for Tumblr bloggers this morning, plus an in-store iPhone event from Apple to make your day complete with the top news stories. Tumblr has rolled out in-app theme switching, and it's accessible from the company's iOS app. Tumblr's creative director Peter Vidani called the move "...a...

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Apple donates $500K to SF Gives and other news for May 5, 2014

Apple's concern for it's California community and a dip in retail sales are in this morning's Apple news. Apple has donated US$500,000 to an anti-poverty initiative in San Francisco. The organization SF Gives was formed by CEO Marc Benioff and Tipping Point CEO Daniel Lurie....

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Judge denies Apple and other news for April 4, 2014

Happy Friday, folks. I've just emerged from my RSS reader with these nuggets to share with you. Judge Lucy Koh denies Apple motion regarding Samsung's opening statements. Apple was not happy with opening statements made by Samsung counsel, which claimed that Apple does not use some of the...

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Flipp lets you skip the Sunday newspaper by delivering local circulars to your iOS device

If you enjoy browsing through sales flyers, but don't like buying a Sunday newspaper, then you should download Flipp from Wishabi. Flipp aggregates sales flyers from over 300 retailers and uses your location information to deliver local circulars right to your iPhone or iPad. Flipp displays sales...

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The 5 most gorgeous Apple Stores in the world

For many Apple faithful, going to an Apple Store is a bit of a ritual. Apple feeds this idea by making its retail outlets some of the most aesthetically pleasing on the planet. But while many of Apple's stores are whitewashed blocks of mall real estate, there are some downright breathtaking Apple...

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App Store sold more than $10 billion in 2013

If you spent any money on the App Store in 2013, you helped contribute to a record-breaking year for Apple's digital marketplace. The company revealed today that App Store sales passed US$10 billion in 2013, with more than $1 billion in sales coming in December alone. Apple's press release calls...

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Morning news roundup for January 2

Good morning, Apple fans. It's only the second day of 2014 and here's the early morning news. MacNN reports that the Mac Pro won't hit Apple Stores until March or April. It looks like you'll be ordering online for the foreseeable future. "Lucky Bags" go on sale in Japanese Apple Stores. This New...

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Adobe announces 1.4 million paid Creative Cloud subscribers for 2013

When Adobe decided to move to a subscription-based model for most of its professional software offerings, it caused quite a bit of frustration, anger and debate among its users and those in the technology industry. Many questioned whether a new recurring subscription software model à la...

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Stonestown Galleria Apple retail store grand re-opening set for December 14

Apple's Stonestown Galleria Apple Retail Store in San Francisco is about to re-open following a massive transformation, reports ifo Apple Store. Previously, the Apple Store in one of San Francisco's most popular malls was one of the narrowest Apple retail stores out there, measuring just 25 feet...

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iPhone 5s stock at most Apple retail stores nears 100%

Nearly three months after the iPhone 5s hit store shelves, Apple has gotten ahead of customer demand. According to a recent survey carried out by Piper Jaffray analyst Gene Munster, most Apple retail stores have close to 100 percent availability with respect to the iPhone 5s. This is to say that...

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Apple now using iBeacon technology in its US retail stores

Apple is rolling out iBeacon technology to all its 254 US Stores starting today, December 6, says a report from the Associated Press. The technology will allow customers to receive messages about products, events and discount offers as they walk through a store. It will also alert customers when...

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