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Display expert: Microsoft Surface display not superior to iPad Retina display

After the director of research for Microsoft's Applied Sciences group, Steven Bathiche, boasted via Reddit that the company's new Surface RT tablet could offer more screen detail than the latest iPad, an expert decided to weigh in. The verdict? Microsoft's ClearType sub-pixel rending technology...

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Retina MacBook Pro meets EPEAT standards

Back in July 2012, Apple removed the EPEAT (Electronic Product Environmental Assessment Tool) green certification from its products, resulting in a flurry of excitement when school systems and governmental agencies threatened to drop Apple products from their "approved to buy" lists. About a we...

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Firefox Retina display support almost here

TechCrunch is reporting that Firefox has inserted support for Apple's Retina display into its nightly builds, which means the official release will be in the public's hands very soon. Unfortunately, "very soon" in this case may mean "not soon enough" for many users -- while the Aurora release o...

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Microsoft Office for Mac now has Retina support

Microsoft has updated the Office for Mac software to have Retina display support for Word, Outlook, Excel and PowerPoint. The update is available via Microsoft AutoUpdate. The update comes as a welcome surprise, as a month ago, the prognosis of Retina display support for Microsoft Office looked ...

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Site tracks growing list of retina Mac apps

Do you have a Retina MacBook Pro, wondering which apps are going to look their best on the massive amount of glossy pixels before you? Well, Microsoft might not be ready, but quite a few developers have updated their apps, and those are showing up on Retina Mac Apps. It's a simple site with a s...

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Microsoft has no plans for Retina display Office apps (updated)

There's someone who's kicking sand out of the Retina display sandbox, and that company appears to be Microsoft. Even though Microsoft boasted that Office for Mac is ready for OS X Mountain Lion, Macworld is reporting that users with Retina display MacBook Pros are describing a less-than-stellar e...

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BBC iPlayer for iOS gets Retina display support for iPad

The BBC has just finished what was probably the best coverage of the Olympic games in the world, but the corporation is not slowing down. Today the BBC released an update to its wildly popular BBC iPlayer app for iOS. The major feature improvement in this update is support for the new iPad's ...

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Temple Run breaks 100 million downloads

There's big news from Imangi Software, the husband-and-wife team behind the breakout iOS hit Temple Run. The game has picked up 100 million downloads in within a year on the App Store. The team has a lot to show for it, like a long time on the Top Free apps chart, plenty of microtransactions ...

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Acorn 3.3 adds Retina Canvas, Smart Export, more

Version 3.3 of the popular Mac image editor Acorn is out, and developer Gus Mueller writes up the biggest changes on his blog. The Retina Canvas is likely the coolest update: If you're using Acorn, you can now see any art you create at a 1:1 ratio on a Retina Display. So if you have a MacBook P...

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Mac App Store now requires a 1024x1024 app icon

Developer Daniel Jalkut notes that the latest requirements for the Mac App Store include an app icon that's at least 1024x1024 pixels, which is extraordinarily huge. To put that in perspective, each and every submission to the Mac App Store going forward needs to include an icon that's bigger t...

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Parallels Desktop 7 gets the Retina Display treatment

Parallels has announced that its popular virtualization software is ready for the Retina Display MacBook Pro. Parallels Mobile was updated for iOS device Retina Displays earlier this year. The desktop software has now followed suit and is ready to let you see OSes such as Windows 8 and Windows ...

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gdgt runs the numbers on Retina display sizes

Apple fans have been oohing and ahhing since the MacBook Pro with Retina display was announced a few weeks ago. Let's face it, the display looks incredible! With Retina displays starting to make inroads into the world of Mac, gdgt's Ryan Block decided to take a look at what screen resolutions w...

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Attention world: the MacBook Pro with Retina display does have optical audio out

Please stop saying it doesn't. Despite it not appearing on Apple's specs page, there is no conspiracy, and Apple hasn't dropped the feature. The MacBook Pro with Retina display has the same combination 3.5mm-analog-and-S/PDIF-digital output port all other Macs have used for several years now....

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Dear Aunt TUAW: Why can't I get a Retina display on an Air?

Dear Aunt TUAW, I'm in love with the new MacBook Pro Retina but it's way too expensive for my wallet. Why can't I just get a Retina display on an affordable MacBook Air instead? Your loving nephew, Jim J. Dear Jim, Although a lot of consumers would benefit from a consumer Retina disp...

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iFixit tears down a MacBook Pro with Retina display

It's the teardown that we've all been waiting for since Monday's WWDC keynote. iFixit got its hands on a new retina MacBook Pro and disassembled the lovely device for all of us to see. As expected, the teardown reveals a device that's extremely well-designed, but also difficult to repair. Fir...

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