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Timed command-line screenshots

A TUAW staffer recently asked if there were a way to snapshot the exact same region of the screen over and over at timed intervals without buying third-party software. There is, but it depends on your comfort with the command line. If you're experienced in Unix scripting, read on. If not, you may...

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Apple's Retina display aids accessibility

Macworld blogger Steven Aquino wrote a fascinating piece today on how Apple's Retina display technology has helped him -- a legally blind individual with extremely low vision -- to be able to enjoy Apple's products as if he had no vision limitations at all. Aquino says that he had used the...

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Pupil for Retina display Macs makes it easy to switch screen resolutions

Pupil (US$5.00) is an app specifically designed for Macs with Retina displays, specifically Apple's Retina-equipped MacBook Pro range (rMBP). Although Mac OS X gives users five screen resolution options, they are cumbersome to access and change, with users having to enter System Preferences any...

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Apple dumps 'highest-resolution notebook ever' tagline thanks to Chromebook Pixel

Apple's 13-inch Retina MacBook Pro was advertised as the world's second-highest resolution notebook, sitting right behind the company's 15-inch Retina model. That coveted position changed hands when Google introduced its Chromebook Pixel and grabbed that number two spot. As noted by 9to5Mac,...

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Survey: Interest in iPad mini is growing is a deals site that I follow, and it recently shared the results of a survey that demonstrate that Apple's iPad mini is a winner, and suggest that its popularity will continue to grow. TechBargains polled its readers, and found that interest in the smaller iPad has nearly...

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An iPad mini with Retina display could cost $12 more to build

Hardware market research firm iSuppli has released a new report that claims the cost-per-device of an iPad mini sporting a Retina display screen could be fairly high: as much as $12 or more. Even if all of the other parts stay the same price, just adding a Retina display in the iPad mini's...

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Apple settles Retina artwork lawsuit with Swiss artist

Apple has settled a lawsuit with Swiss photographer Sabine Liewald over the illegal use of his piece titled "Eye Closeup," according to CNET. The company and Liewald originally had an agreement in place to use the image, but Liewald maintained in a court filing that the only permission she...

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Firefox 18 brings improvements, Retina support to Macs

Those of you who prefer Firefox for your desktop web browser will be happy to know that Mozilla has just pushed out Firefox 18 for OS X. The latest version of the browser includes a variety of fixes and updates. However, the most immediately noticable (for those of you with the latest MacBook...

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Apple offering refurbished 15-inch Retina MacBook Pros for $1869

If you've wanted a 15-inch MacBook Pro but have felt put off the steep price, now is the time to scoop one up for a little less cheddar. Apple is currently offering Apple Certified Refurbished MacBook Pros with Retina Display for US$1869 online. It's the entry-level model with 8GB of RAM and a...

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Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator CS6 get Retina display support

Adobe has announced updates for Photoshop and Illustrator Creative Suite 6 that add much-awaited Retina display support to the popular graphics applications. Owners of the standalone versions and owners of the Creative Cloud versions are elligible for the Retina display updates. From an Adobe...

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Create Retina-ready graphics for your website

If you're looking for something to do this weekend that doesn't involve fighting your way through massive crowds of holiday shoppers, you can work on bumping the graphics on your website up to Retina quality. Designer Chris Spooner took a look at his statistics and discovered that a good...

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Blockbuster Video launches an iPad magazine

They must be pretty far down the idea list over at Blockbuster Video, because this one suddenly appeared out of left field. The video rental chain has released, of all things, an iPad-based digital magazine. Blockbuster Magazine, available through Newsstand, is a free publication featuring...

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PC Magazine names 13-inch MacBook Pro Editor's Choice

PC Magazine has singled out the new MacBook Pro 13 inch Retina display laptop as its Editors' Choice for a high-end ultraportable laptop. The review states that "if you absolutely must have a display with greater than HD resolution and you need to take that show on the road, you want this...

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New product information now available on

Apple has posted new information and new specs about all of the products announced today over on its website. The new iPad mini is probably the biggest news of the day; Apple has squeezed down the iPad into a smaller package, while still holding up the same resolution as the iPad 2 and the...

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Apple announces a 13-inch MacBook Pro with Retina Display

As expected, Apple announced a 13-inch MacBook Pro with Retina display this morning. "We're taking our best product and introducing something so much better," Phil Schiller said. It's 0.75 inches thin and weighs just over 3.5 pounds, almost a full pound lighter than the previous generation --...

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