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Tag: retro mac

Get your rare Twentieth Anniversary Mac on eBay

Want a piece of Apple history? Bring your wallet and your cut-throat bidding skills and head on over to eBay, where there's an untouched, unopened Twentieth Anniversary Mac up for grabs. This wasn't celebrating the 20th anniversary of the Mac; rather, the TAM was created as an homage to the...

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Bloom County's Banana Jr 6000 lives on as a fantastic case mod

If you're too young to remember it, the Banana Jr 6000 was a thing of beauty that appeared in the comic strip Bloom County, which used to run in these things we called newspapers. (You can find out more about newspapers on Wikipedia and by asking your older relatives.) To this day, Bloom County...

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Blast from the Past: What the new iPods ain't got

Newer isn't always better. Ask any wine connoisseur or violin player. I recently googled across this article over at the Apple Blog on why new iPods aren't quite as good as old iPods. Sure there are a lot of great reasons to buy new. It was iPod video support that finally convinced me to buy. Eddie...

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Blast From the Past: RetroRumors

May 11, 1988. The dawn of a new Apple ][gs+. Someone claiming early access to the development posted details to an online board, which was copied and forwarded and eventually posted to Usenet: "please don't spread this special information around, as apple would not be happy if this got out to the...

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Blast from the Past: Apple acquires NeXT

It's December 20, 1996. Apple has just acquired NeXT in a $400 million deal that brings Steve Jobs back to Apple. Jobs will act as an "advisor" to CEO Gil Amelio, bringing his charisma to the team led by Amelio and Ellen Hancock. The deal offers $350 million in cash and stock as well as covering...

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