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A nostalgic look at the Macintosh Portable, Apple's first laptop

The Macintosh Portable, Apple's first laptop and the first consumer laptop to travel into space, was released in 1989. Groundbreaking in its day, the laptop was still a bulky travel companion, roughly the size of the phone book at four inches at its thickest point. Still, it came packed to its v...

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Browsing Flickr on a 1989 Mac

According to the owner of the Macintosh SE/30 used to capture this image, it took approximately five minutes to load a single Flickr web page. That's actually not that bad, considering the late-80s power of the computer. [Photo credit: Jeff Jackson]...

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Original Mac team member boots up Mac 512K stored for 30 years (Updated)

Updated: Well, when I make mistakes, I make BIG mistakes. The photos here were taken by 21-year-old grad student Ariel Fink, who posted the photos on Reddit -- which were then retweeted by Chris Espinosa. For some reason, I don't remember seeing an "RT" on the tweet, and looking at the Reddit gall...

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Unboxing a 25-year-old Macintosh IIcx

Greetings retro Mac fans. Do your kids take their iPads for granted? Do they not understand the mind-boggling glory of their now primitive iPod touch? Well gather up the little ones for an hour long, yes hour long, piece of Apple history. To celebrate the 30th anniversary of the Macintosh, the f...

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Caturday: Pippin's iMac house

Some cats just hang out on the furniture provided by their owners, others have nice and cozy pet beds. Pippin, however, has one of the best cat domiciles we've seen so far -- a strawberry slot-loading iMac G3 that's been outfitted with some nice cushions. Pippin's owner, Ian Cobb, named his felin...

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Caturday: Sasha hangin' with Steve

As one of the editors at TUAW said when this photo came in, "This man has won the Internet. You can all go home now." We'd love to see photos of your favorite feline soaking up the warmth of an Apple product, chasing a Magic Mouse, or just being a general nuisance while you're attempting to work ...

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Relive the past with Cloudpaint, MacPaint in the cloud

What's more retro Mac than MacPaint? It was the application that drew many of us to the joys of Macintosh in 1984, as there was nothing like it on any other platform. The app, which was included on the boot disks, let you do bit-mapped painting in a variety of monochrome patterns. You could even c...

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Daily Update for August 27, 2013

It's the TUAW Daily Update, your source for Apple news in a convenient audio format. You'll get all the top Apple stories of the day in three to five minutes for a quick review of what's happening in the Apple world. You can listen to today's Apple stories by clicking the inline player (requires Fl...

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World's smallest working Mac is a tiny work of art

What do you get when you take the host of the RetroMacCast (John Leake), a Raspberry Pi computer, some sheet PVC, a handful of electronics parts and a Linux-based Mac emulator? Mini Mac! Make no mistake -- this is a full working Mac running System 6. In fact, if anything, it's a bit more impressive...

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Retro rarity: spring cleaning unearths a Colby Walkmac

For those of us who have been around the mobile computing space for a while, the name Ken Landau is quite familiar. Landau's currently the CEO of iOS development firm mobileAge, but he's been producing software for handheld computing devices since the true birth of the industry in 1993 with the in...

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1985 TV show discusses the Apple Macintosh

Ahhh, the early 1980s. Those heady days when the Mac was new, computer user groups were the way that you learned about your Mac (and made copies of software), and the Computer Chronicles was on TV. Today, courtesy of Wired, we get to take a look at a 1985 episode of the classic computer geek sh...

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Apple museum to appear at Atlanta computer festival

Anyone who has been part of the Apple world for more than a couple of years has a collection of favorite devices, some of which are beginning to turn into true museum pieces. Atlanta-area Apple geeks will get a chance to see a huge collection of Apple devices April 20 and 21, 2013 in Roswell, G...

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A history of Apple print ads

During a lot of the early history of Apple, printed ads in magazines and newspapers were about the only way that the company could get the word out about whatever new technological advance they had just developed and wanted you to buy. Retronaut has a wonderful page full of many of those print ...

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ThinkGeek offers retro Padintosh Case for iPad

Have an iPad 2 or third-generation iPad? Do you love retro Macs? If so, then you need to order the cool Padintosh Case for iPad (US$24.99). While it's the front of an original 1984 Mac pictured on the case, the Padintosh actually protects the back of your iPad. You can use a standard Apple Sm...

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TUAW TV Live: Attack of the emulators on Retro Mac day

It's time to sit back with a glass or mug of your favorite beverage and enjoy an hour of time travel, back to the days of the early 1990s when dinosaurs roamed the Earth in the guise of Macs running System 7. Regretfully, I have to let you know that I will not be sitting behind the console of a...

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