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The iPod's effect on the global economy

Chrystia Freeland, editor of Thomson Reuters Digital, wrote a piece last week in which she cited a paper -- Innovation and Job Creation in a Global Economy: The Case of Apple's iPod -- by three scholars who studied how the iPod has impacted the world economy. Freeland's assertion in "Winners and ...

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Taiwanese firm to ship 30 million iPad 2 screens

Reuters is reporting that Taiwanese tech manufacturer AU Optronics Corp. has won a major contract from Apple to provide flat panel screens for the ultra-popular iPad 2. With the high demand for the new device, it's no surprise that Apple is looking for new sources for this critical iPad 2 com...

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Reuters staffer spots iPad 2 at The Daily launch event

Imagine, if you will, a high-profile introduction for a major new media product on the iPad; major enough to merit attendance and brief remarks from Apple's Eddy Cue. Let's posit for a moment that the room is filled with professional journalists who make it their business to notice small details tha...

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News Corp developing a tablet-exclusive publication

Reuters is reporting that News Corp, the world's third-largest media conglomerate, has confirmed they will be releasing a news publication developed specifically for tablet computers like the iPad. "It's a tablet-only product and it's very exciting," says James Murdoch, Chairman and Chief Executive,...

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Yahoo! CEO: iAds 'going to fall apart' for Apple

Known for her salty language and accordian playing, Yahoo! CEO Carol Bartz isn't your typical Internet executive. Along with other comments in a recent Reuters interview, Bartz stated that she felt Apple's iAd service was "going to fall apart for them," since "Apple wants total control over those ad...

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AT&T: iPad will be a "Wi-Fi driven product," 3G won't be an issue

If I ran AT&T, I would leave the subject of whether or not the network could handle the iPad's extra 3G traffic demands completely out of the picture, saying something like "we hope so," or "we'll wait and see on how popular it is." But Randall Stephenson, AT&T CEO, seems to be tempting fate...

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Foxconn: Apple supplier in China roughs up reporter

"A Reuters employee who was investigating Apple's legendary secrecy visited Foxconn's walled city-like facility in Guanlan, China, and was reportedly roughed up by security." The reporter took a taxi to the facility and left the taxi to take photographs of the front gate and security checkpoint. ...

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Rumor: Tablet set for Q2 launch, manufacturers ramp up

More from the rumor mill: It appears that suppliers for Apple have already begun shipping touchscreen panels and will begin shipping aluminum casings for the much-anticipated-but-unannounced Apple "tablet" next month. This, according to Reuters, implies a Q2 product launch, right in line with what o...

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Tapulous making a million a month off the App Store

Well, even with rampant piracy, review craziness, and that funky approval process, it's good to hear that someone can still make a truckload of cash on the App Store. According to Reuters, that someone is Tapulous, who is apparently making almost a million dollars a month thanks to twenty million...

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KLM and Air France deny iPod integration plans

Yeah sure, they may get around to it eventually, but according to Reuters today, both KLM and Air France deny any firm plans to provide iPod integration into their air fleet. A KLM spokesman stated that 'there have been "informal contacts" between Apple and the airline..."We have no idea if this is ...

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Wal-Mart bullying Hollywood over iTS movie downloads?

Today's edition of 'yes they did/no they didn't' is brought to you by Wal-Mart, the New York Post and Reuters. As we knew, Wal-Mart is the largest DVD retailer (at least in America), with 40% of the market. Obviously, a player with that large of a stake in the game might not be too happy when a musi...

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Widget Watch: Reuters Widget

Attention news junkies: Reuters, that wire service of wire services, has released a free widget for Dashboard. What does it do? It displays up to 10 headlines from your Reuters news channel of choice. Simple, blue, and useful. That's just how I like my widgets. Update: I also like my widgets to work...

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TVMyiPod Service Legal?

TVMyiPod is a small company which will pre-load an iPod 5G with video and ship the original DVDs to you as well. In a Reuters article today, a reporter questions the legality of copying a DVD onto your iPod. Seeing as someone who has sway on the DMCA may read TUAW, I'd like to say two words on this...

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