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WaveJamr promises Bluetooth audio freedom, but delivers frustration

Update: The RadTech team has responded to this post (see comments below) and asked me to evaluate a more recent revision of the WaveJamr that resolves many compatibility issues. As soon as it arrives, I'll give it a try. No doubt, the idea of the US$39.95 WaveJamr audio adapter is a fine one....

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Call Bliss for iPhone a would-be alternative to Do Not Disturb

Call Bliss for iPhone (US$2.99) from Clarke Hill is promoted as an alternative to Apple's Do Not Disturb feature. It would be handy to have this week, as Do Not Disturb is currently malfunctioning. While it works, I'm hesitant to recommend it. Here's my look at Call Bliss for iPhone. UI When...

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Unclutter offers digital pockets for your OS X miscellany

I have really mixed feelings about Unclutter for OS X (US$2.99). On the one hand, it's a pretty cool idea. The app offers a pull-out "drawer" on your desktop that lets you store files, make notes, and view your clipboard. On the other, parts of the app are unintuitive to use and could stand some...

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Today Weather is a tidy weather app for iPhone

Savvy Apps has released Today Weather (US$1.99), a great-looking weather app for the iPhone. It lets you monitor conditions across several cities via four distinct views. Nice touches like weather alerts, NOAA scale-compliant colors and clever navigation make Today Weather quite pleasant to...

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Korg microKEY-25 keyboard lets musicians practice and perform anywhere

Although the iPad was initially thought of as a media consumption device, it quickly became a popular tool for musicians on the run. And while a lot of musicians quickly got the hang of playing on virtual keyboards on the screen, many others opted to wait for "real" keyboards (aka MIDI keyboard...

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Daily iPhone App: QatQi is a free word game that's different enough to try

QatQi is, I am almost sorry to say, a new word game on the App Store. To be quite honest, I'm tired of spelling things out on my iPad's screen. That's not to say that there aren't good word games out there. Spelltower and Puzzlejuice are two great recommendations, but it's easier than ever...

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Algoriddim's vjay for iPhone puts video mixing in the palm of your hand

With the ridiculous number of photo manipulation apps available for the iPhone, it's sometimes easy to forget that Apple's smartphone can actually be a powerful video editing platform as well. Developer Algoriddim aims to prove this by bringing its popular iPad video mashup app, vjay, to the...

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iHouseWatcher is a great idea with flawed execution

iHouseWatcher is a free, 4 channel house monitor that that's ready to work with a Mac or PC with a webcam, or an iOS device you're willing to leave at home. I downloaded the universal app to my iPad and my iPhone. After creating a free account, I identified my iPad up as the camera, left the...

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iPad mini reviews roundup (updated)

The rest of us will have to wait until Friday, but a few lucky reviewers have already gotten their hands on the iPad mini to give it a test run. Here's what journalists and tech bloggers have to say about the svelte mini: Jim Dalrymple at The Loop: I was wrong. I have wondered publicly...

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Note Anytime helps make notes easy and elegant

There are quite a few note-taking apps for the iPad, but I have to say Note Anytime has features that are compelling. Notes can be as simple as writing on a legal pad, or more complex with images, hand-drawn illustrations, diagrams and documents that can be helpful in anything from project...

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Prez Elect USA for iOS will let you run your own political campaign

Just in time for the political season, Prez Elect USA is a universal iOS game that allows you to choose your party and then campaign across the U.S. looking for electoral votes. You can try to get good press, make lots of speeches, engage in debates and raise money. The game is time limited, so...

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Checkmark for iPhone now available, simplifies reminders

Checkmark for iPhone, a new reminder app from Snowman, is now available. The app was teased earlier this month and is in the App Store for an introductory price of US$0.99. As I said before, Checkmark makes it easy to create location- and time-based reminders. Here's a look at Checkmark for...

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mophie goes pro with new 2500 mAh juice pack PRO for iPhone 4/4S

Imagine an iPhone case that gives you not only a healthy 2500 mAh battery pack, but also all of the incredible protection you'd find in a LifeProof or OtterBox case. There's no need to fantasize about this ultimate iPhone case, because it's now available in the mophie juice pack PRO...

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Stereophile Recommended Components for 2012 free for iPad

If you know anything about high-end audio gear, you know about Stereophile. Founded in 1962, it has become the bible of the high-end with in-depth reviews of equipment and music. Each year Stereophile publishes its list of recommended components, and now that issue, Stereophile Recommended...

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Daily Update for June 15, 2012

It's the TUAW Daily Update, your source for Apple news in a convenient audio format. You'll get all the top Apple stories of the day in three to five minutes for a quick review of what's happening in the Apple world. You can listen to today's Apple stories by clicking the inline player...

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