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FreeWheelin helmet system delivers noise-resistant Bluetooth audio

Richard Solo's FreeWheelin audio system (US$150 street price) allows you to add stereo speakers to your bike helmet. As the picture to the right shows, it consists of three small boxes that use a high-powered variant of Velcro to mount to the helmet's back and sides. It's about as dorky looking...

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RichardSolo promo gets you 1800 mAh iPhone backup batteries on the cheap

Richard Thalheimer's company RichardSolo was one of the pioneers of the iPhone backup battery business. Way back in 2008, the company came out with the RS001 1800 mAh backup battery, at a price of US$69.95. Well, if you live in the USA and use a special promo code while ordering, you can now get ...

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RichardSolo show discounts still in effect

If you were wandering the halls of Macworld Expo last week, you might have seen a familiar face -- no, not the everpresent TUAW video crews, but the gadget-loving visage of Richard Thalheimer, founder of The Sharper Image and current head honcho of RichardSolo. The RS booth was a brief walk away fro...

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