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Angry Birds ties into Super Bowl ad with secret level hint

During the Super Bowl game last night, you may have seen an ad for a soon-to-be-released animated feature called Rio. Cleverly tied into that advertisement was a way to get access to a secret level in that special app installed on just about every iPhone, iPad, Mac and iPod touch in the universe: A...

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Angry Birds doing a movie tie-in as well

Hot on the heels of the announcement that Doodle Jump will be working with Universal to promote the upcoming Hop movie, Angry Birds developer Rovio Mobile confirmed it will be producing a new version of Angry Birds set in Rio. This new version will be used to promote the upcoming movie Rio, which i...

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Adios, Rio

The MP3 market is a crowded place. Sure, Apple has a commanding share of the market (and I never tire of writing that), but there is a lot of competition out there.Today, there is a little less competition for Apple. The company that makes (well, made) the Rio series of MP3 players is bowing out of ...

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