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Alleged Office roadmap says Office for iOS possibly not until 2014

The rumor mill had previously stated that Office for iOS might be coming as soon as last month, but obviously that never happened. Now, an alleged roadmap for the Office family of products from Microsoft says we may not see Office for iOS this year at all. ZDNet reports that it has obtained a...

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Apple's place in the next generation of gaming

Sony is holding an event this Wednesday in New York, where the company is expected to announce the next version of its popular PlayStation console, essentially kicking off the next generation of video gaming (Nintendo actually did this last year with the launch of its Wii U console, but sales o...

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Apple helping to shape Intel's future

Intel Senior Vice president Tom Kilroy revealed that Intel is working closely with Apple on future products. This relationship is so cozy that Kilroy claims Apple even "helps shape our roadmap." Apple is an attractive customer for Intel as the Cupertino company is often regarded as forward-thinki...

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In search of Push

Wherefore art thou, Push? Macworld has gone in search of the much-awaited iPhone feature that would let applications get their own notifications even while not necessarily active (so apps like Twitterific could have a little red number on them showing the number of unread tweets, and so on). But the...

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What do you expect from Thursday?

So I was chatting with Cory and we started talking about what the iPhone will or will not bring. Will it ship on Thursday or not? Will Apple charge for it? Here's a round-up of our outstanding SDK concerns: Will it ship? Rumors seem to be split between a no-show and a preliminary alpha or beta rele...

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Apple pushes Intel into new direction

Apple and Intel seem to be a marriage made in heaven (it is still feels a little odd to write things like that).  Anand Chandrasekher, a senior Intel exec, has been quoted by Computer World as saying that Intel's partnership with Apple has  made the chip maker think about things it never c...

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