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WWDC Interview: Orbotix

Victor Agreda, Jr. (Editor-in-Chief, The Unofficial Apple Weblog) interviews Brian Smith of Orbotix Inc. at WWDC 2011. You may remember Orbotix from CES. Brian was kind enough to tell us about their thoughts on the announcements on WWDC, and how it will affect their plans moving forward. Orbo...

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Taptic Toys iPad telepresence robot roams the WWDC keynote line

If you were in the keynote line at WWDC this morning, you may have been approached by a robot bearing greetings and a smile. That robot, which rolls about on two wheels Segway-like, has an iPad for a head and was being controlled by one of the co-founders of Taptic Toys, Romina Espinosa, who wa...

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The machine apocalypse can wait; robot busy playing Angry Birds

I've got to admit, I've never seen the appeal of Angry Birds. The game just isn't that fun to me. I know a lot of readers disagree with that, and now I know of one robot that would disagree as well. Yes, Finnish company OptoFidelity has created a robot with the sole purpose of playing Angry Bir...

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Found Footage: An iPad-controlled robot that attacks

Thanks to the iPad and TouchOSC, robot Hikari can now be controlled by our favorite tablet device. The system for control on the iPad is powered by TouchOSC, a remote control application that sends commands to an external device using the Open Sound Control (OSC) protocol. These commands are se...

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TUAW's Daily App: Bebot

I'm really happy that I've found an excuse to mention Bebot here in this space -- it might be my favorite app in the entire App Store. We've covered it before here on TUAW -- it's a musical instrument, basically, with the added bonus of having a super cute singing robot as a mascot. And I've never ...

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GDC 2010: The Parrot AR.Drone's augmented reality

We actually got to play with the iPhone-controlled Parrot AR.Drone quadricopter back at Macworld a little while ago, but we didn't get a chance to see the "AR" part of it (augmented reality, of course) until GDC last week. Parrot pulled out the AR targets for us, and while the games they had runnin...

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Outnumbered presents an interesting twist on iPhone multiplayer

Veiled Games sent word of their new game, Outnumbered [iTunes link], on the iPhone app store, and it seems intriguingly different. It's basically a multiplayer arcade game, which pits two iPhones or iPod touches against each other via Bluetooth. One player takes over the role of the O.N.E., a sing...

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Found Footage: Use your iPhone in your Halloween costume

Are you still struggling to find that perfect Halloween costume this year? Here at TUAW headquarters we've seen people dress as iPhones, more iPhones, even more iPhones, iPods, and of course more iPods. If you're looking to use Apple gear for your costume in a way that's a little more unique, che...

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Found Footage: Robochan gets a 3GS upgrade

Back in May, our own Steven Sande reported on a robot with an iPod touch for a head. At the time, Robochan was pretty limited in capability and could only mimic back taught poses and stumble around drunkenly. A lot has happened in two short months. Robochan has received a brain-transplant courtes...

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Found Footage: Power Mac G4 Cube Transformer Robot

Although the Power Mac G4 Cube is one of the all-time classic cool-looking Macs, wouldn't it be even cooler if your Cube could transform into a robot? TUAW reader W from used a LEGO Mindstorms NXT kit and a Cube body to create a Cube-bot with both autonomous and remote control mod...

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Found Footage: A robot with an iPod touch for a brain

Thanks to a little Twitter birdie named Guy Kawasaki, we learned about this little humanoid robot (Robochan!) who has an iPod touch as a brain, user interface, and "face". It appears that Robochan might have a slight drinking problem (he falls over when he walks), and we're not quite sure about wh...

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iPhone iRobot control

A while back we showed an iPhone being used to control some remote control planes through MobileSafari. Now some researchers at the University of South Florida have taken the idea to the next step with a native iPhone application to control an iRobot PackBot. As the above video demonstrates, the i...

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ChipWits lives on

Back in the days when Apple pretty much owned the educational market, the Mac was new and Oregon Trail was the pinnacle of edutainment, there existed a little program called ChipWits. I played on my Laser 128, but there were versions for the Commodore 64 and Macintosh. Now some 20-odd years later Ch...

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