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Apple and Rogers falling out?

Fortune's Apple 2.0 blog has a juicy story that even they admit sounds too good to be true: Apple and Rogers could be on the outs over the negative publicity surrounding Rogers' voice and data plans for the iPhone 3G. Philip Elmer-DeWitt writes about Daniel Smith, a Canadian sales and marketing cons...

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Canadian iPhone: Consumer Revolt against Rogers tariffs

When Rogers/Fido announced the iPhone voice/data plans a few days ago, the proposed rates were not received warmly. Over ten thousand people are letting their eDispleasure be heard on the "Rogers + iPhone3G == Ruined" protest website. Canadian petitioners are unhappy with the high plan rates and th...

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Rogers announces iPhone rates in Canada

We've known for awhile that Rogers would be bringing the iPhone 3G to Canada, but we didn't know what kind of plans would be offered. Well, the wondering can stop because Rogers has just posted a website detailing all the service plans and features you can get for your iPhone in Canda, and how muc...

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Canada might be getting the iPhone 3G

Our Canadian readers have suffered a long, iPhone-less time. There are been countless rumors that Rogers, Canada's leading cell phone provider, would be releasing the iPhone 'any day now.' The above graphic from Rogers' website mentions that someting 'really big' will be coming on July 11th. Hmm, ...

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3G iPhone in Canada next month with reasonable data costs?

Only last month Rogers finally officially confirmed that the iPhone was Canada bound. Now electronista is reporting that sources inside the company are saying that the 3G iPhone will debut next month (presumably about the same time as the US launch) and will qualify for Rogers new reasonably priced ...

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It's official: iPhones in Canada

According to The Star, Canadian communications firm Rogers Wireless has finally announced plans to carry the iPhone. "We're thrilled to announce that we have a deal with Apple to bring the iPhone to Canada later this year," they said in a statement. "We can't tell you any more about it right now, b...

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Oh Canada: iPhone not coming anytime soon

Poor beleaguered iPhone fans in the Great White North are apparently in for a long wait. In a Globe and Mail article, the CFO of Canada's lone GSM provider Rogers Communications is quoted as saying: "The truth is we aren't very far with Apple.... They're concentrating on this launch and the U.S., an...

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