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Rogers, O2 tease iPad data plans

On the heels of international shipping delays, carriers from the UK and Canada have released terse confirmation that they will be offering iPad data plans by "...the end of May." Rogers senior director of social media, Keith McArthur, wrote on the company's blog, "Rogers today announced that it w...

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Will Canada's iPhone be unlocked?

The iPhone is slowly making it's way around the world. In Canada, there are now four major carriers that support the device: Rogers, Fido, Telus and Bell. So how will Apple continue to stock and support the iPhone with that many carriers? That's where the story get's interesting. According to iPh...

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Telus to start iPhone sales on November 5

Rogers Wireless has a little over one week left of its Canadian iPhone exclusivity. Wireless carrier Telus announced today that it'll start sales of the iPhone 3G and iPhone 3GS on Thursday, November 5, 2009. While the Telus network has been CDMA-only, the carrier is not selling a modified phone. ...

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Rogers offers special iPhone data plan

It is no secret that our Canadian readers were a little upset with Rogers' initial iPhone service plans. Luckily, it looks like Rogers heard all the complaining as they are offering a special limited time offer for iPhone buyers. If you buy an iPhone and sign a three year contract with Rogers you ca...

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Rogers announces iPhone rates in Canada

We've known for awhile that Rogers would be bringing the iPhone 3G to Canada, but we didn't know what kind of plans would be offered. Well, the wondering can stop because Rogers has just posted a website detailing all the service plans and features you can get for your iPhone in Canda, and how muc...

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Canada's only GSM carrier shakey on iPhone

Hang on, Canada, it looks like Rogers Wireless is in a snit. The iPhone is a GSM phone, and all Canadian providers - except one - use the CDMA standard. The lone GSM provider is Rogers Wireless, which makes them the only Canadian company that can possibly support the iPhone. This past Tuesday, Roger...

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