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Rogue Amoeba on code signing, iPhone SDK

Mike Ash at Rogue Amoeba has published his fairly extensive thoughts on Apple's code signing policies and plans, as well as how they relate to the iPhone SDK. He makes some solid points and elaborates on thoughts that are being bandied about elsewhere on the 'net. In his critique of some points in t...

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MakeiPhoneRingtone returns from the Dead

Rogue Amoeba, our favorite weaponized unicellular developer, has ressurected its free custom ringtone utility. Like an uncanny Zombie movie, iPhone firmware update 1.1.2 has dragged MakeiPhoneRingtone back from the beyond. 1.1.2's ringtone support once again allows you to add custom ringtones. Drop ...

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Do Macworld with the Amoeba

Think of all the wonderful things you can get from Amoebas. Audio Hijack Pro. Fission. Dysentery. And now Macworld! Yes, those wild and crazy Amoeboid Lifeforms want you to be their guest at Macworld. Pop over to the Rogue Amoeba site to pick up your MWSF promo code for free (or $10) Exhibit Hall Pa...

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Radioshift 1.0

Radioshift is the latest app from those audio obsessed fellows at Rogue Amoeba. Thanks the to included Radio Guide, which has over 50,000 internet streamed radio programs listed, this app allows you to find your favorite radio show and record it. The power of the app is that it doesn't just record ...

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MakeiPhoneRingtone hits 1.1, further obsoletes the ringtones racket

Rogue Amoeba has already updated their MakeiPhoneRingtone application to 1.1, in order to bring in the Cleverboy hack that was discovered the other day. If you missed it, they also posted a guide on how to turn any audio file into an AAC file with their product Fission (but don't forget that iTunes ...

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Rogue Amoeba releases free Ringtone Maker

Today brings a lovely treat from Rogue Amoeba, the makers of Audio Hijack Pro and Fission. They've posted MakeiPhoneRingtone, a free utility that converts any AAC file into an iTunes Ringtone. Drop the file onto its window and a second or two later, it appears in iTunes as a ne...

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TUAW Tip: Hiding the cursor when zoomed

RogueAmoeba just linked to Mark Johns' easy little app called Cursorceror. He loves the Ctrl/scroll wheel trick, just as I do (holding Ctrl and using the scroll wheel allows you to zoom in on any part of your desktop-- especially useful for watching Flash movies fullscreen very quickly), and he want...

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TUAW Interview series with Paul Kafasis: The Leopard delay - does it change anything?

The interview series with developers on Apple's delay of Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard has gone really well, with great responses from Brent Simmons and Wil Shipley already offering insight into the mind and perspective of a developer. Next up to the plate is Paul Kafasis of Rogue Amoeba, makers of such app...

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Apple TV works with standard square TVs

Paul Kafasis, CEO of Rogue Amoeba, confirms what I suspected all along: Apple TV does work with regular old TVs that have component ins. This is despite Apple's warnings that one must have a widescreen HDTV in order to take advantage of the Apple TV. I assume Apple did this to avoid confusion, and ...

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Rogue Amoeba offers teaser and sign-up to test new mystery app

Oh Paul Kafasis, you clever Rogue Amoeba. What with your two-punch post of a teaser and sign-up offer for a new mystery app dubbed "AHT." What could this new app from the makers of Audio Hijack, Fission, Nicecast and Airfoil be? Is AHT simply a code name, or an acronym? Will AHT complement Rogue Amo...

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LineIn Audio Play-Through Utility

The positive reaction that greeted our recent post on Rogue Amoeba's free SoundSource menubar selector leads me to think that some of you might also be interested in another cool freebie from the same company. LineIn is a simple little utility, but if you need what it does, it's wonderful. It allow...

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SoundSource: Menubar Source Selector

Rogue Amoeba just announced the release of version 1.2 of their SoundSource menubar utility. They say that it "has been recoded from the ground up for better performance, and now also features an option to open the Audio MIDI Setup application." SoundSource sits in your menubar and allows you to eas...

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Rogue Amoeba's Paul Kafasis at Infinite Loop

According to Paul Kafasis of Rogue Amoeba, about the same time as he sat down with our very own David Chartier for TUAW Podcast #18, he also gave an interesting interview to the good folks over at Ars Tehnica's Infinite Loop. They talk about Rogue Amoeba's focus on audio, the controversy our own Lau...

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TUAW Podcast #18: Macworld interview with Brent Simmons and Paul Kafasis

On Friday of last week at Macworld 07, Brent Simmons (of NewsGator/ NetNewsWire/ MarsEdit fame) and Paul Kafasis (of Rogue Amoeba/Audio Hijack/Airfoil fame) were kind enough to unite their powers and sit down with me for an interview. For just over 20 minutes we discussed Macworld, the iPhone, the s...

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Rogue Amoeba begins "Should I Exhibit At Macworld?" blogging series

Paul Kafasis of Rogue Amoeba has kicked off a new series at their company blog titled Should I Exhibit At Macworld?, breaking down the finer yet lesser-known details of how much it really costs software developers to exhibit at Macworld. This first post examines the various significant and hidden co...

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