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TUAW Interview: Rolando's Simon Oliver is ready for release

So today, on the release of one of the first games that really got us excited about the potential of the iPhone as a gaming device (yes, you can buy it right now if you want), we sit down again with Simon Oliver for an exclusive interview, this time to talk about the road he's traveled over the past...

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New Rolando trailer says release in December

Last we heard from Rolando, perhaps the iPhone game we're most excited to play, ng:moco had announced that they were still aiming for a release date of "Holiday 2008." And now it's looking like that holiday is Christmas rather than Thanksgiving, because over on their site, they've put up a new vid...

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Ng:moco's Young aims to create an early EA for the iPhone

Touch Arcade has an interview up with Neil Young. Just like you, I was only slightly disappointed to learn that it was the Neil Young formerly of EA who recently formed ng:moco, quickly becoming one of the most high-profile iPhone game houses, not that other one. But only slightly, because also like...

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NGmoco announces new games, will publish Rolando

Ngmoco, the strangely-named iPhone gaming startup that's one of the recipients of the iFund, has announced their first three planned games for the iPhone. First of all, they're planning to act as publishers for the Rolando game we've been so excited about, a puzzle platformer with touch and physics ...

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Rolando's not dead after all

Well color me surprised -- after almost a month with no activity, the handcircus blog has sprung back into action. I was getting worried that the great-looking iPhone game Rolando was on the brink of becoming vaporware, since we were expecting it back in August, and we hadn't heard a peep since then...

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Apple positions iPod touch as a gaming device

Today might be remembered as the day that Apple finally, officially entered the handheld gaming market. During the "Let's Rock" event this morning in San Francisco, Phil Schiller took the stage to do an extended demo of a few upcoming games for the iPhone and iPod touch. He first demoed Spore Orig...

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Rolando: A different iPhone game

Here we go. You guys sounded really jaded on the comments for the kart racing game, so here's an iPhone game that might actually break some new ground. It's called Rolando -- Simon Oliver is the developer, and he sent us a tip and the trailer above, and if you're looking for some fun and innovation...

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