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Adium X 0.88 an Universal application

You were tired of running Adium X in Rosetta, weren't you? Now you can run it in native mode thanks to the 0.88 release. This release also includes a few bug fixes (including a reconnect from sleep issue that was plaguing some) and an Australian localization (I would make a joke but I have offended ...

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TUAW Video Podcast: iMac Core Duo, Part 1

That's right! It's here: the first part of my video podcast report on the new iMac Core Duo. What's amazing about this video podcast is that you don't actually see the iMac at all (except for the remote). Instead, I recorded the entire thing with me yammering on about the iMac with the iMac itself. ...

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What you can't run on a Mactel

Ivan at creativebits has composed a list of application types that just won't work with Rosetta. From his list: The Classic environment (and hence, all pre-OS X apps) Screensavers written for PPC Code that insert preferences into the Preferences Pane Kernel extensions Apps that depend on...

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Microsoft promises 5 years of Office development

During today's keynote, Jobs brought a Microsoft rep up on stage who announced a promise to develop Office for OS X for another five years (make of that what you will). They also announced that a new version of Office as a universal binary will be available later this Spring (March I believe), and t...

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