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Tag: roundup

Video roundup from Macworld Expo day one

It was a busy day at Macworld Expo on Thursday, and we've got the video to show for it. The embedded YouTube playlist below includes all our shorter segments (those under the 15-minute YouTube upload limit), and then the longer interviews are coming directly from Ustream. We had a great time out on...

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TUAW's big Black Friday sale guide

Enjoy your turkey and fixins today, because tomorrow is the biggest shopping day of the year. Everything's on sale somewhere, and "everything" includes plenty of Apple accessories, apps and products. Here's a listing of all the sales we've collected and heard about this past week. There are bound t...

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Halloween apps bring chills and thrills to iPhone and iPad

Happy Halloween! Apple has its own Halloween round-up on the App Store here, and I've been rocking most of the same apps I covered a couple of years ago. We've also got a few apps, costumes and interactive books on our Halloween tag page. A search in iTunes for "Halloween" will yield hundreds of ap...

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A roundup of clock apps for the iPad

One of the more surprising app omissions from the iPad was the iPhone's Clock app. It's an extremely useful iPhone app, featuring a world clock, alarm, timer, and stopwatch. Why Apple didn't choose to add this app to the iPad is a mystery for the ages, but at least it's opened up the market for some...

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The app market, by the numbers

The very insightful Stuart Dredge over at Mobile Entertainment has compiled an amazing primer on all of the numbers behind the app market (which you can also see by clicking the "Read More" link, although it's not viewable on an iPad or iPhone). If you want to know anything about how many apps are ...

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Massively rounds up MMO iPhone apps

Our friends over at, a site all about massively multiplayer online games, have put together a quick roundup of iPhone apps related to MMO games. Inspired by this week's update to the World of Warcraft app, they've got apps for MMOs like Aion, Dungeons and Dragons Online, and EVE, alon...

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Tablet analysis and opinion: What TUAW has put on the table

In light of the current tablet frenzy, TUAW is not alone shouting "Tablet, Tablet!" from the rooftops. The tablet has been a widespread and consistent story from several directions which we have been compiling and discussing. Over the last few weeks, TUAW has depended on multiple background sources ...

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App news & reviews: Trapster, Observation, Foto Brisko and more

Speed trap checker Trapster for iPhone updated to 4.0 We've mentioned Trapster once here on the site before, but we haven't really covered it in any depth yet, I believe. It's the official iPhone app [iTunes link] for an online database of speed... Amateur a...

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Weekend app reviews roundup: Turner Classic Movies, Emoti, Dragon goes north

The latest & greatest from our central App Reviews hub, including a giveaway for Emoti! For all the movie buffs out there, here's TCM on your iPhone The iPhone has been good for movie fans. There is the free IMBD, plus the Empire Magazine collection of reviews at $4.99, plus scads of ...

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App review roundup: VoiceBand, Soulver, DocĀ²

VoiceBand: Personal music artistry gone wild I don't usually gush during App reviews. I think today I will change things up a bit. Because If you like playing with sound and music, and you like GarageBand, empty out your change purse, check... Soulver brings a calculator scratchp...

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Year-end reflections and predictions roundup

All our prognostications, anticipations, best-of lists and year-end reflections -- in one handy place. Our favorite iPhone games of 2009 The first full year of the App Store is coming to a close, and so let's take a look back at our favorite games of 2009. Note that these aren't best-se...

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App giveaways roundup for December 26

Here's a few of our recent app giveaways. There's still time to enter! Holiday giveaways: NBA apps and prize pack This giveaway has got it going on: you could win both the League Pass and Game Time apps from the NBA, plus a swag bag full of gear and goodies... ...

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iPhone games review roundup

The big-time gamers over at Joystiq have picked up the iPhone game review pace lately, and here's a sampling of what they've tried lately. iPhone Top Gun game takes highway to the postmortem Top Gun on iPhone is one of the device's many hidden treasures. Not only does...

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A bevy of iPhone and iPod accessories

Texthook holder puts your phone where it belongs: between you and your progeny Finally, proper protection for your baby. The child, too. JVC gets tubular with XS-SR3 iPod speaker dock Not that we haven't seen an elongated iPod sound system before, but we've definitely yet to se...

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The week in TUAW

Need a Mac or iPhone developer? TUAW job boards are here! Notice anything new at TUAW? We've had our job boards up for a week now, making sure all the tape would stick when new jobs were posted, and I'm proud to say that the doors are wide open for job... ...

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