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Daily iPad App: Puzzle Craft is puzzle farming bliss

I came to a realization a little while ago: I love grindy games. I really enjoy games with a certain amount of repetition to them, games where I slowly but steadily build up resources and a character (or an empire) while performing somewhat mindless but infinitely amusing tasks. Puzzle Craft fi...

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Daily iPhone App: Wizorb turns Breakout into an RPG

Wizorb is a title that originally came out on Steam, but it just recently arrived on iOS, and it's a nice one to have in our gigantic library. The game is a mix of breakout and the old 8/16-bit RPGs, and the combat is essentially the old Breakout game. You use a paddle at the bottom of the scre...

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EA shares more about upcoming Ultima Forever for iOS

Bioware and EA recently announced plans to revive the Ultima brand as a free-to-play online title that will premiere on iOS. In a recent interview, executive producer Jeff Skalski shared more information about the game. First, the game's microtransactions will mostly focus on cosmetic feature...

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Daily iPhone App: 10000000 is a great, complex game with a strange name

Some games pare down a core idea to something really simple and elegant, cutting everything else away until one main bit of gameplay shines through. Canabalt is probably the perfect example of that recently -- it's just one core mechanic, done very, very well. But other games go the other direc...

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Daily iPhone App: Battleloot Adventure tweaks turn-based RPG combat

When I first heard about Battleloot Adventure, it was being compared to the great Battleheart game on iOS. That's a fair comparison given the way the game looks, but I think I have a much better one: old-school Final Fantasy, with a focus on combat. As you might have expected, Battleloot Advent...

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Baldur's Gate coming to iPad

An enhanced edition of Baldur's Gate was announced this month by developers Overhaul Games (which includes a few devs from Bioware that worked on the title originally), and now there's even better news: That enhanced version is also making its way to the iPad. The game will be out on Apple's ta...

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Daily iPad App: Final Fantasy Tactics

Final Fantasy Tactics first came out for the original PlayStation in 1997 as a more strategic take on the famous roleplaying game franchise. I didn't get around to playing it until 2001, but when I did, it turned out to be a peerless game that still ranks among my all-time favorites. Between a dee...

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Daily iPhone App: Wizardry Labyrinth of Lost Souls

I'm torn on spotlighting Wizardry here -- on the one hand, it's a pretty successful rendition of the old computer role-playing games made for the Apple II and other platforms. Once you figure it out, the turn-based gameplay is nicely complex and provides for some pretty fun dungeon crawling, ru...

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Daily iPhone App: Squids

Squids is an interesting way of bringing tactical strategy to a very casual kind of game. The game has a nice RPG layer, with turn-based combat and classes of units that you can train and level up while playing. But the "combat" itself is super casual. During fights you essentially pull back an...

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Daily iPhone App: Dragon Fantasy

Dragon Fantasy is basically a love letter to the early age of console RPGs, when Dragon Warrior and Final Fantasy ruled the land. It's got classic 8-bit tile-based graphics, random encounters, silly villains and a nice chunk of content to explore and level up through. There's a nice, original s...

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Daily iPhone App: Star Legends

Star Legends is the release title of Blackstar, an MMO whose origin I've recounted on the site here before. Spacetime Studios was a company formed from the ashes of an unreleased PC MMO that went on to make Pocket Legends, a full mobile MMO that started on iOS and then moved on to Android. Earl...

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Final Fantasy Tactics supposedly coming to iOS this summer

It's been nearly a year since Square Enix announced at E3 that it would port the venerable Final Fantasy Tactics to iOS. The original release date was supposedly September 15 last year, but Square Enix later backtracked on that and claimed "the wrong information about the FFT release date is sp...

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TUAW's Daily iOS App: Samurai Girl

Samurai Girl is a 2D Korean RPG on iOS that's surprisingly deep. The combat is pretty traditional 2D stuff, but this game has all of the features that you'd expect in a full RPG, including over 50 quests and various skills to earn, a full collectibles and crafting system and even a pet system, ...

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TUAW's Daily App: Dungeons & Such

Dungeons & Such is exactly what it sounds like. It's a very nostalgic homemade RPG game for iOS that will have you looking back fondly on the days of Dragon Warrior and Final Fantasy on the NES. Sure, by modern standards, the graphics are a little lame -- this definitely isn't Infinity Blad...

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TUAW's Daily App: Crystal Soul

Crystal Soul is another puzzle/RPG mashup that features yet another take on mixing up the two genres. At its heart, the game is a new kind of puzzler, where you play as a character wandering a board of hexes. Every time you step into a hex with a monster (or a mana stone in it), you clear all of th...

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