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Feedly RSS reader launches cloud service

Feedly is a service that's risen in popularity recently for the most part because the much-loved RSS service Google Reader is coming to close on July 1, but the company is definitely doing its best to make a space for itself as something more than just an alternative. Today, Feedly released the ...

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Digg Reader beta launching next week on iOS

With the impending doom of Google Reader just around the corner on July 1, RSS fans have been searching for an alternative to their beloved feed. Digg has heard their cries, and will be launching the first public beta of its new Reader replacement, called Digg Reader, next week. The beta will slo...

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Feed Wrangler: A subscription-based RSS reader for web and iOS

Feed Wrangler (US$19/year) is David Smith's subscription-based RSS aggregation and syncing service for web and iOS devices. If you're a Google Reader user, you're probably aware that the service will shut down on July 1st. This means you'll either go back to browsing your favorite news and blog w...

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Reeder updated to connect with Feedbin, or nothing at all

Personally, I'm still in denial about losing my beloved Google Reader in the near future. The web-based RSS reader has been a standby ever since I started using RSS, and even when I used other services, like the great Reeder app on iOS, they ran through Google Reader to get their content. But...

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Feedly hits 3 million users, updates its iOS apps

Feedly has quickly become the RSS feed-reading client to beat since the announcement of Google Reader's impending shutdown. Since Google's March 13 announcement, Feedly says it has seen over 3 million new users join the service. Fresh off an influx of new users, the service has announced new ...

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Reeder to use Feedbin to power its newsreading feature (Updated)

The developers behind popular Google Reader-based newsreading app Reeder said earlier this year the app would not die when Google's Reader service goes offline this summer. Customers concerned about this transition can breathe a sigh of relief as Reeder announced last night that it will switch to ...

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Google Reader partially rebuilt in Zite

Many of our readers are mourning the impending loss of Google Reader, which will cease to function on July 1. The folks at Zite have a kinda, sorta replacement that can be used from within the free Zite personalized news app. Zite has always been a bit of a hybrid, allowing you to access your...

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Mac 101: How to back up your Google Reader account

Google is sunsetting its Reader service in July and you may be on the hunt for a new RSS service and client to use. Before you fire up that new client, you should take a few minutes to back up your current Google Reader feeds as you may need to import them into your new app. Importing your feeds w...

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Alternatives to Google Reader for OS X and iOS users

Google caused a stir yesterday when it announced that it will shut down Google reader this summer. Though you have a few months to migrate to a new RSS reader, now is the time to start looking at alternatives. We've compiled a list of web services, OS X clients and iOS apps for you to consider whil...

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Pulse News comes to your favorite web browser

There have been many times when I have wishes that my favorite news aggregators like Pulse news and Zite for iOS were available on my desktop or Mac laptop. Pulse News has answered my requests with a web version of the app that runs in any browser. You can log into your Pulse News account and g...

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Create content-centric iPhone & iPad apps on the fly with GENWI

The site has rebranded itself today as GENWI (the name of the parent company) and expanded to offer iPad app creation in addition to iPhone and Android apps. With a straightforward CMS engine, the service lets you create either mobile HTML5 web apps or true native apps around your con...

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Reeder makes a successful leap from iOS to Mac

When I heard that Reeder for Mac was being developed, I was thrilled. Ever since I had moved to Google Reader, I had been looking for a Mac app which was more compelling to use than the web interface. Reeder for iPad (US$5) was so good that I used it almost exclusively. Could Reeder make the ju...

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Reeder for Mac now available on Mac App Store

Reeder, a popular Google Reader client on iOS, is now out of beta and available on the Mac App Store. While the beta version of Reeder for the Mac was free to test, the 1.0 release will set you back US$9.99, more than twice the price of the iPad version. That $9.99 offers syncing with Google ...

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Tweeting from a Newton

Getting old technology to do new things in a creative way is fun. Take, for example, Tony Kan of the My Apple Newton blog who details how he uses twittermail, to send tweets via email and Twitter's now defunct RSS feed to receive his incoming feed. Though Twitter no longer supports RSS, the link ...

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Taptu for iPad brings blended feeds to newsreader app lineup

Considering how eerily the 2001: A Space Odyssey version of a tablet newsreader matches the 2011 reality of the iPad, it's no surprise that the App Store landscape is getting crowded with newsreader options. Beyond the standalone startups and the gray standards, a whole bunch of RSS-centric too...

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