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TUAW Tip: Generate iTunes Store RSS feeds

iTunes obviously has a great deal of data about its sales; Apple is quite aware of the top sellers among its music, apps, movies and podcasts. That information is also available through RSS feeds. If you want to share that data on your website, or even if you just want it in your RSS reader, you can...

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Widget Watch: WidgetWizard turns RSS into widgets

Disappointed that one of your favorite sites hasn't broken out a widget for their RSS feed yet? Worry not, WidgetWizard's got you covered. Just fill out a quick little form, and the RSS feed of your choice is available in widget form. Sure, it's not actually that hard to do, and the upcoming release...

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Daring Fireball feed goes free

John Gruber's Daring Fireball is probably my favorite Mac blog out there (save for the ol' TUAW, of course)-- it was one of the first I started reading, and he consistently provides not only great insight on Apple products and policies (and journalists' treatment of them), but a strong, often funny ...

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Your RSS subscriptions in your menu bar

Here's a handy tool. RSS Menu by e dot studios lets you keep track of all of our RSS subscriptions right in the Finder's menu bar. Simply add your favorite feeds via the preferences menu and you're off. You can create groups, insert spacers, display the number of unread messages awaiting your eyes a...

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