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Tag: rumorroundup

Rumor Roundup: Broken resolution

The linkbait and breathless re-posting of poorly-sourced nonsense continues apace, with at least two articles claiming to have knowledge (and photos!) of a phone that probably isn't even being built in factories yet. New iPhone 6 details possibly revealed! (BGR) A South Korean publication claims...

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Rumor Roundup: Playing catchup

Not many rumors came out this week. I guess most of the analysts were off at their annual retreat in New Mexico, out of their gourds on peyote and brainstorming what sort of egregious nonsense they'll try to pass off as "analysis" over the coming months. Rumor: Foxconn testing production of larger-...

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Rumor Roundup: What's your favorite scary headline?

Now that Apple has presumably announced everything it's going to sell in 2013, that must mean the deafening roar of dumb rumors will die down for awhi -- hahahaa, no, it's just as bad as ever. And as a special treat, rumor blogs are also putting on their own "analyst" hats and pretending they know w...

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Rumor Roundup: iPad-slash-Mac event postmortem

Apple put an end to months of analyst "will they or won't they" handwringing at the recent iPad/Mac event when it did, indeed, unveil an updated iPad mini with a Retina display. As a direct consequence, we have an answer to the question: just how reliable is a "reliable" analyst? Let's find out. N...

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Rumor Roundup: Bite the hand that feeds you

Here's what we know for certain about Apple's upcoming event on October 22: Apple will hold an event on October 22. Here's what many suspect Apple will announce at that event: The fifth-generation iPad, drawing design cues from the iPad mini A second-generation iPad mini, which may or may n...

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Rumor Roundup: 'Well-respected analyst'

Here is the only rumor that came out this week that has even the remotest chance of coming true: Apple Will Hold Fall iPad Event on October 22 (AllThingsD) Continuing its proud tradition of not being full of crap (an increasingly rare thing amongst tech publications when it comes to Apple), AllThi...

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Rumor Roundup: Why so serious?

There aren't many jobs out there where screwing up is rewarded. A neurosurgeon with a 25 percent success rate probably won't be a neurosurgeon for very long. Pilots can only make so many unsuccessful landings before they cease to be pilots (or anything else). Burn enough of those sad grease patties ...

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Rumor Roundup: Don't bet the farm on it

This week, at least two publications got to have it both ways. One heavily criticised an analyst for his poor track record, then went on to use analysts as sources for several stories. Another posted erroneous information only to debunk its own rumormongering later that same day. It's a beautiful, d...

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Rumor Roundup: An accidental toot in an elevator

The week of an Apple product launch is usually pretty light on rumors, because this is the point in the news cycle where there are plenty of real stories to report on instead. There's also a mountain of manufactured controversy drawing attention to the Apple products that exist today and away from t...

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Rumor Roundup: iPhone event post-mortem

Now that the iPhone 5s and 5c have been officially revealed, it's time for a rumor post-mortem. The biggest thing analysts (and pretty much everyone else) got wrong? The supposed "low-cost" iPhone. For years analysts have expected Apple to come out with an "iPhone mini" that will address the lower ...

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Rumor Roundup: 'Apple likely to (verb) (product) in (year)'

Here's what we know for certain about the upcoming September 10 event: A new Apple product of some kind will be announced. Probably an iPhone. Here's what we suspect will be announced at the September 10 iPhone event, based on the few credible rumors skimmed from the meniscus layer of a deep o...

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Rumor Roundup: The 150-pound iWatch

Here's a riddle for you: what weighs as much as 150 pounds, but might also not exist at all? No, it's not your "girlfriend who lives in Canada." We'll ponder the real answer to this question later on. Apple to deliver OS X 10.8.5 with Mail, screen saver fixes as soon as today (AppleInsider) This a...

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Rumor Roundup: A black mark on your record

With few exceptions, the spotlight this week was on the rumored next-gen iPhone(s). The closer we get to the (presumed) reveal date, the more plausible and less dumb the rumors get -- on average. There are still some clunkers in here, as there always are. Analyst: US$400-500 iPhone 5C will hit Chin...

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Rumor Roundup: Comedy gold

Last Saturday, I went on a six kilometre obstacle course. It was a slog down muddy paddocks, over rope bridges and other various obstacles, and through trenches filled with mud, farm runoff and other fluids that I tried really hard not to think about too hard. I came out the other side covered with ...

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Rumor Roundup: Will headlines phrased as a question ever stop being hilariously dumb?

In an unusual contrast from the usual onslaught of stupid rumors about products that we may not see for years, if ever (ahem, iWatch), most of the rumors this week focused on things that Apple might actually release in the near future. That doesn't mean the rumors were any less stupid than usual; it...

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