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Tag: running

RunKeeper Pro goes free, RunKeeper Free goes bye-bye

A member of the TUAW team recently received an email from RunKeeper saying that RunKeeper Free will no longer be supported. At first glance that might seem like fairly bad news, but it now appears that RunKeeper Pro has been re-branded as just plain "RunKeeper." Contrary to earlier reports that...

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Enter to run away with a free copy of Runmeter from TUAW

I just wrote about Runmeter after meeting creator Steve Kusmer at Macworld 2011 a little while back, and as a runner myself, I've used it a couple of times to track and monitor my performance during and after runs. It's very feature-rich, even compared to other running apps on the App Store, with...

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Marathon man preps for second live stream, with multiple iPhones, iPad

Readers may recall our report last year on runner and TUAW reader Joseph Tame, who streamed the Tokyo marathon from a head-mounted iPhone. This year's marathon will be held on February 27, and Joseph has found additional ways to make the 42km run even more difficult. Check out the get-up that...

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Macworld Expo 2011: Runmeter runs on

There are a lot of running apps available on the App Store, but Runmeter is a favorite of ours. It's incredibly full featured, and at US$4.99, it's also one of the most generously priced apps of this type. We got to meet up with Abvio CEO Steve Kusmer, a former executive who's translated his...

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TUAW's Daily App: Inspector Gadget's MAD Dash

I would say that this Canabalt-like game is good for kids (and it is), but I don't suppose there are too many kids around nowadays who remember the early days of Inspector Gadget like I did in my generation. We 80s babies can fondly look back on Gadget, Penny, Brain and the mysterious Dr. Claw with...

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Nike+ GPS app adds new Tag feature to foster competition between friends

We just talked to Nike last week about its Nike+ GPS app for the iPhone, and there's another update to the already full-featured app. A new feature called Tag brings competition into Nike+ GPS. After you finish a run in the app, you can press the Tag button to invite as many of your friends or...

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Nike talks iPhone, running and its connected devices

Nike was at CES last week to premiere its new Nike+ SportWatch GPS, a sports watch hooked up to GPS via TomTom-based technology, designed to work with the popular Nike+ system. While the idea of the watch is cool (it will track all of your runs, even if not hooked up to the GPS system right away),...

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Track your favorite runners with the ING New York Marathon app

There are some people who regard the prospect of a 26 mile-long run across the bridges, avenues and streets of New York City's five boroughs with eager anticipation, who train diligently for months with single-minded focus to be able to say with well-deserved pride, "Yes, on November 7 2010, I...

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Run app updates: News on the Nike+, Runkeeper, and Runmeter fronts

I admit it. I've always thought that the Nike+ shoe sensor thing was kind of lame. Even though I actually do own the right shoes, I never thought it worth while to pick up the optional pedometer sensor just so I could take advantage of the built-in iPhone feature. I know that there are people out...

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How to play SNES on your iPad

Unfortunately, as we posted the other day, Nintendo isn't likely to actually allow any Super Nintendo games on your iPad anytime soon. That doesn't technically mean you can't do it, though; if you're willing to jailbreak your iPad and install snes4iPhone, you can experience all of the magical and...

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Road tested: Runkeeper, Runmeter, 321Run and Trailguru

Exercise apps are a highly personal decision. That's because there are so many ways apps can match -- or impede -- your style. Take Trailguru, for example. I've been using it for quite some time, happy with many little touches the application brings to the table. It's an application written by a...

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App review: Cadence keeps the beat

"Lace up your shoes (oh, ay, oh, ay!) / Here's how we do / Run baby run / Don't ever look back" Are you like me? Do you like the running? Do you like running with your iPhone? I love to run, and I need music. Just the right song can turn a mediocre run into something transcendental. But what...

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FitnessKeeper introduces enhanced RunKeeper website

If you're a RunKeeper iPhone user, you'll be pleased to learn that the makers of the app and its supporting website have introduced a new service called RunKeeper FitnessReports. Like the normal RunKeeper web service, it uses the iPhone data you collect during your runs that are posted to the site....

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Hands-on with Runmeter

New year, new you, and there are a host of location-based iPhone apps that can help you look a bit more lithe at Point B than you did at Point A. Runmeter [iTunes link] is one of them. Like almost all apps in its genre (Nike+ and RunKeeper Pro [iTunes link]), Runmeter's main purpose is to track the...

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Discover new running trails with the WalkJogRun app

There are many apps (like RunKeeper and RunMeter) that track where and how much you run, but not many to help you discover new places to run. Luckily, there's the WalkJogRun app [iTunes link] ($.99US), which gives you the ability to navigate through over 500,000 user-submitted map-based running...

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