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Flickr Find: Sad Mac O'Lanterns and more

More on the Halloween theme... This Sad Mac O'Lantern is sad in more ways than one - it looks unfinished - but I admire the effort. Then there's a classic iPumpkin, and the Mac Plus pumpkin with a twist. My favorite so far is last year's Matrix pMac by RantingPenguin. Nice work!...

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Wired on the Apple media backlash

Leander Kahney takes on all the recent Apple hating in this column today at Wired.com. He asserts that Apple, as a company, gets a lot of attention from the media at large for a number of reasons. Apple is seen as the 'thought leader,' where its hardware goes other PC makers usually follow. The down...

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Beat your Mac into submission

Sometimes, even on a Mac, applications go a little wonky. They stop responding, they freeze, or you are treated to everyone's favorite sight: the spinning beachball of death. Ted Landau has compiled a quick list of something things that you can do quit a misbehaving program, or to speed up Safari. E...

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I know I shouldn't, but

You're a good little Mac user. You back up your files. You repair your permissions. You install the latest updates. But, there's that one bad habit you maintain that isn't in accordance with your regular behavior. Maybe you don't back up regularly, or you've shut down your Mac by just yanking out th...

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