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Safari exploit gives your contact info to malicious websites

In a report on security in the first half of 2010 Apple has claimed the top spot in the number of security vulnerabilities in their OS and software. According to a report from the security company Secunia, Apple is followed by Oracle and then Microsoft in the number of security flaws reported. It's...

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Mac OS X 10.6.4 is in Software Update

Head on over to Software Update to find the latest OS X dot release.10.6.4 is now available -- and in addition to the usual split between delta and combo updates, and regular/server versions, there's another wrinkle here: the Mac mini released today gets its very own flavor of the 10.6.4 update, pre...

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The Reader feature in Safari 5 can change your whole web experience

I'm surprised Apple didn't hype the Reader feature in Safari 5 a bit more. It's almost a stealth function, and you might not even notice it is there. My colleague Dave Caolo touched on it in his Safari 5 overview, and I want to make sure everyone tries it. (If you're a fan of the Readability bookmar...

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Join the TUAW team for a post-keynote Talkcast tonight at 10 PM EDT

If you were one of the crowd who listened to the TUAW Talkcast this past Sunday evening, you'll remember that we promised to do a post-WWDC 2010 keynote Talkcast. It was supposed to happen Monday night, but we had all collapsed after the stress of churning out streams of news for our readers all day...

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What's new in Safari 5

Apple released Safari 5 for the Mac yesterday with with both obvious and not-so-obvious changes. Here's what we found while digging around. Reader The biggest change that you can actually play with is Reader. You'll notice that the "RSS" button in the address field changes to "Reader" when it'...

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Safari 5 announced... prematurely? And now it's official.

It got no attention in Steve's WWDC keynote, and it's not showing up in Software Update as of yet, but according to an Apple press release, Safari 5 is out for release today. Many analysts expected Apple to discuss Safari 5 (among other hardware) during the keynote, but iPhone 4 and iOS 4 got all th...

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