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Skype for Web (beta): App-free calls coming soon to Safari

With as many issues as I've had with Skype over the years, it really rubs me the wrong way that I have to install the Skype for Mac app on my trusty iMac and MacBook Pro for those occasional face-to-face calls. Thanks to a beta announced today by the folks at Microsoft, er... Skype, those of us who...

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Mobile Safari in iOS 8 supports Animated PNGs

MacRumors is reporting that mobile Safari in iOS 8 includes support for Animated PNGs (APNG). What's that you say? You thought animated GIFs were the only game in town? Well, they really are, but who's to say how animated PNGs might fare in the future given that they offer richer color and greater t...

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​Developer warns against using in-app browsers due to keylogging potential

Well-known Iconfactory developer Craig Hockenberry is warning iOS device owners about the risks of using in-app browsers to enter sensitive information such as account login credentials. Users commonly encounter these browsers in social media apps that require them to login into a website in order...

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How iOS 8 Safari makes it simple to view the desktop version of a mobile website

Safari in iOS 8 has a nifty -- and dare I say, amazing -- new feature which makes it much easier to a) add a site to your list of favorites and b) more easily access the desktop version of a mobile site. The latter is a godsend for websites whose mobile websites are more clunky and less functional...

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Kill no-close-em Safari pages with AppleScript

I hate those pop-ups that hijack Safari even when I've enabled Settings > Security > Block Pop-up windows. Sure, I've edited my hosts file with Someonewhocare's updates to avoid them in the first place but even so, bad pages still happen. With a simple web search, you'll find a variety of c...

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Hands on with Voice Dream's ebook narration

As the school year heads back into session, many students have a lot of new reading on their plate. Parents whose children struggle with assigned books might be considering ways to augment that material. Over the summer, Amazon regularly offered to add Audible narrations to assigned reading title...

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How to see the names, passwords, and credit cards Safari saves

Safari makes it very easy for you to store usernames, passwords, and credit cards that you've entered into websites on your Mac OS X 10.9 Mavericks or iOS 7 device. If you use iCloud Keychain syncing, you can even share that information between your different Apple devices. Personally, I don't sto...

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iPhone 101: How to view your Safari browsing history on your iPhone or iPad

Like most modern web browsers, Safari for iOS stores your browsing history so you can call up web pages that you previously visited on your iPhone or iPad. The feature is easy to access and works with any open Safari page on your device. Open Safari for iOS on your iPhone or iPad. Press and ho...

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How to reorder Safari pages on iPhone or iPad

Apple's iOS 7 changed the way mobile Safari manages multiple open pages. The current version presents the list as a "fan." Scroll through it with a swipe of your finger to quickly browse all open pages. Did you know you can also reorder those pages? You can, and here's how. Simply tap and hold on t...

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iOS 8 Safari can block ads from automatically redirecting to the App Store

One of the most frustrating aspects of the modern mobile internet is advertising that kicks you off the webpage you're on and forces you into the App Store. Oftentimes websites -- including TUAW -- aren't even aware that their ads are doing this obnoxious and vile act until it's too late and reade...

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Finally! Third party apps on iOS 8 can load websites as fast as mobile Safari

If you've ever had the displeasure of attempting to bring up a website from within third party apps like Facebook or Twitter, you've undoubtedly noticed that pages often load markedly slower than they do on mobile Safari. The reason for this is that Apple hampered the ability of third party apps ...

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Netflix worked closely with Apple to bring HTML5 video support to Safari in OS X Yosemite

So long, Silverlight! Apple on Monday announced that Safari on OS X Yosemite will support HTML5 video streaming for Netflix. Translation? Users can enjoy the majesty of Netflix without having to fiddle with any external plugins. On top of the added convenience, the transition to HTML5 video will ...

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Junglecat iPhone controller and other news for June 4, 2014

We're halfway through the week and you know what that means. Here's the Apple news you need to know this morning. Razer has announced the Junglecat game controller for iPhone 5 and 5s. The slide-out case, available in white or black (sorry, no gold), adds a D-pad and four buttons. A companion a...

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Safari in OS X Yosemite gets new sharing and browsing options, and saves even more battery life

Apple is giving Safari a big makeover with the launch of OS X Yosemite, as previewed at WWDC 2014. They're adding a whole host of new features while attempting to simplify the experience at the same time. Most noticeable is the thin, one-bar browser bar that the company insists eliminates the nee...

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Mac 101: How to manage website Push Notifications in OS X Mavericks

OS X Mavericks added a new feature to Safari that allows websites to send you push notifications when there is breaking news and other new content. Websites that support this function will display a pop-up asking you if you want to receive alerts when you visit their website for the first time. If...

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